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Yes, Virginia, There Is a Beer Conference #BBC18

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As I are engineer, my limited vocabulary will not genuinely convey how excited I am for this time of year. As this will be my 4th Beer Bloggers & Writers Conference, I am always psyched to experience new beers and old friends. What makes it that much more exhilarating is that is on our home turf! This week, we not only have the honor to travel to Loudoun County in Northern Virginia for The Conference, but it is one where we get to show off what amazing progress this state has made in just a short amount of time. I…

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VBR invades Milwaukee for #BBC17

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This is one of my favorite articles every year. Don't get me wrong, I love all my kids equally, but when I get to put fingers to keyboard for this one, I genuinely get excited. Why? Because it means that the annual Beer Bloggers & Writers Conference is right around the corner. And as we are only a mere week away from the festivities, I am already getting pumped. This year, we travel to Milwaukee, which is Algonquin for "the good land." It also marks our 3rd appearance at the conference, which started back in 2010. VBR has been to…

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2016 Virginia Craft Brewers Festival: VBR Awards-Christopher Guest Edition

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Another year, another successful trip to the mountains for the Virginia Craft Brewers Festival. While this will be a bittersweet ending to our trip out to Devil's Backbone, it has seemed that the festival is becoming more than the venue itself, and vice versa. So while we are looking forward to what the future has in store next year, we look back onto what was a crazy Saturday in August. While the official list of winners were presented to the breweries last week, we are here to offer our own awards for the best of what we found was great…

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VBR at the Beer Bloggers & Writers Conference #BBC15

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We'd like to take a little time out from our regularly scheduled program to talk about what we have coming up. We love to write about Virginia and we love to write about beer. The process is fun and exciting, but we always strive to be better. And there are two ways we can achieve that. First is that we can try beer outside of Virginia. We are humble enough to understand what the beer culture is throughout the entire United States and the world. It gives us perspective on the levels of quality and trends in beer styles and…

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2015 Virginia Brew Review Hops of Fame

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Happy Anniversary to Virginia Brew Review. A late night conversation 1 year ago this week turned into a homegrown website with one mission: to find the best craft beer Virginia had to offer and let others know about it. It never was (and never will be) our intention to criticize, lambast, or tear down the efforts of others, and the reviews/features we bring you are those we honestly believe are worth your attention.  We are now a community around 700 strong that shares the same vision and we thank each and every one of you for your comments and support.…

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