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Stunt Dubbel, Isley Brewing Co. (Richmond, VA)

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If you're someone who thinks that pumpkins and yams end with October, clearly you've never been sucked into a Yankee Candle, Bath & Body Works, or any other purveyor of autumnal scents.  This is bigger than a can of gourd slathered into a pie dish, or the sweet potato biscuit recipe my very own mother has refused to share with me even 30 years after I became addicted to them.  It's also bigger than that whole spiced coffee bit dominating even your workplace pantry's Keurig, and the indefensibly questionable notion that pumpkins are fruity enough to go into ice creams…

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2016-2017 Beer In Review: Beers of the Year

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I had mentioned in casual conversation the other day to my wife that we've been putting articles together for our 3rd Anniversary of Virginia Brew Review, and she looked at me like "Y'all been doing this for how long?" Yep, it has been that long.  Three years ago this week, three dudes set out to talk about the craft beer scene in the Commonwealth.  And while we continue to all balance real lives from fun lives, we are still able to push forward and begin to celebrate as we always do:  by giving out some hardware (or is it software?)…

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Tailgate Throwdown: Hunka Hunka Burnin’ Pumpkin, UNC vs. UVa, 10/25/14 – @CampWahoo

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The Oldest Rivalry in the South.  One of the hottest trends in seasonals.  The last tailgate before Halloween.  Of all those milestones, only the last one made any sense.  A great thing about the others being true, though, is that a lot of area breweries are putting out pumpkin beers left and right - sometimes more than one from the same brewer!  With it also being Homecomings at UVa, we also had quite a crowd on hand at the tailgate.  I had more suggestions on the pre-gameday Facebook feed than I had slots in my six pack, though, but judging…

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