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New@Life, Oozlefinch Craft Brewery + Old Ox Brewery

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There we are, sitting at spacebar on a seemingly random Thursday night.  The menu has almost completely changed over from the previous week, and their usually innocuous tap list posting to social media looked the same as usual.  Well, almost the same.  Two Oozlefinch beers on draught?  In NoVA?!  This required a visit.  To our half-surprise, we ran into the owner of Oozlefinch, Russel Tinsley, as he made table rounds to talk about the two offerings.  There was a fruited Berliner Weisse, but the more intriguing beer was a collaboration with Old Ox Brewery (one of our local faves) that…

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2015-16 Beer in Review: Beers of the Year

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This week marks the 2nd Anniversary of Virginia Brew Review and we're marking the occasion once more with our yearly awards. New to the site or forgot how we did this last year? Well, we get the stockholders of VBR together, chant the sacred word to Bacchus, and then we give out some hardware. First off, we are going to announce our VBR Beers of the Year list. We looked at all the beers we (remembered) trying this past year and found the 10 most worthy for the title. It could be year round or seasonals, just started or old standards. Anything that…

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Friday Night Flights: Black Ox Friday, Old Ox Brewery (Ashburn, VA)

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I don't particularly like Black Friday.  You wake up most likely still a little full and bloated from the pure gluttony of the previous day (or in some cases, don't even bother going to sleep any longer).  You stand miserably in line along with dozens (if not hundreds) of other similarly disgruntled souls, sometimes freezing, all for supposedly good deals on knockoff TVs, year old brands, and movies/games/purses or whatever else that you most likely wouldn't have bought if not for the lemming-like fervor that is the holiday consumer season.  If that all sounds fairly Scrooge-like, then you weren't stuck…

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Kristin’s Temper, Old Ox Brewery (Ashburn, VA)

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For some craft beer festivals, the "VIP" experience is just an extra hour and a handful of additional tickets.  Purchase wisely.  For others, you get exclusive access to select brews plus the chance to mingle with the brewers themselves.  When we visited the VA Craft Brewers Festival in August, we stopped for extended chats with over a dozen brewers, but one which stuck out for me was Old Ox.  President Chris Burns was among the staff in attendance, and with nary a soul in sight I picked his brain on a few of their many delicious concoctions.  Among those is…

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Kristin’s Passion, Old Ox Brewery (Ashburn, VA)

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National Beer Day, huh?  Let's be honest, do we really need an excuse to drink (good) beer?  I prefer my excuse to be that after a quarter of the year, I really am sticking with my New Beer Resolutions!  As part of my promises, I vowed to get out to the fledgling Ashburn, VA scene (which includes Lost Rhino in addition to Old Ox), and made my second such excursion this past weekend.  In my first visit to Old Ox I mentioned a phenomenal beer as part of their "One Off Wednesdays" which, after tentatively being titled "Mexican Hot Chocolate" had…

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Friday Night Flights: Kilroys was the place (Springfield, VA)

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Among other milestones, my wife and I moved recently from just inside the Beltway to maybe 4 lights outside of it.  The difference?  For around the same price, nearly 1,200 square feet more!  The big shock really came from being a lazy stroll from downtown Falls Church to being smack in the middle of the 'burbs.  Gone are the faux town centers and "historic" districts, all replaced by strip malls, nonsensical traffic intersections, and school buses.  While we were picking out new neighborhoods one of my factors was proximity to a decent pub/sports bar.  Shocking, right?  No, not my hatred…

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