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Live Beer Blogging from Lost Rhino!

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We're joining you from the penultimate event of the 2018 Beer Bloggers & Writers Conference, which has been hosted right here in Loudoun County!  For the Live Beer Blogging event, we're holed up at Lost Rhino Brewing in Ashburn for a "speed flight," allowing us to taste 10 samples from throughout the Commonwealth.  The event will kick-off around 4:30 and go for an hour.  Our line-up for this evening includes beers from: AleWerks Ardent Blue Mountain Legend Lost Rhino Old Bust Head Port City Reason Starr Hill Vanish We don't know yet what they'll be serving, but check back over…

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2017 Virginia Brew Review Hops of Fame

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Hoppy Anniversary to, well, us!  Three years and hundreds of beer tastings, reviews, happy hours, and festivals later, we have always striven towards our goal:  to find the best craft beer Virginia has to offer and let others know about it. And y'all have helped.  We are still getting tens of thousands of visitors to our site every year and more and more regular visits throughout our social media platforms.  This is something that we are very humble about and we thank every single person who reads (and shares) our work.  You know how it works:  first you tell a…

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2015-16 Beer in Review: Beers of the Year

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This week marks the 2nd Anniversary of Virginia Brew Review and we're marking the occasion once more with our yearly awards. New to the site or forgot how we did this last year? Well, we get the stockholders of VBR together, chant the sacred word to Bacchus, and then we give out some hardware. First off, we are going to announce our VBR Beers of the Year list. We looked at all the beers we (remembered) trying this past year and found the 10 most worthy for the title. It could be year round or seasonals, just started or old standards. Anything that…

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Final Glide Hefeweizen, Lost Rhino Brewing (Ashburn, VA)

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The half-German in me is ecstatic to see American breweries take a stab at the Purity Law of 1516, aka the deliciously named Reinheitsgebot!  This series of German rules were codified in Bavaria, basically limiting the ingredients in German beers to only water, barley, and hops.  As disastrous as this sounds to our privileged palates, the Germans had several hundred years to get this recipe right (cue obligatory Schnitzengiggles and "fourth best bier in all zie Deutschland!" jokes).  And believe me, it shows.  It comes down not to what you can add to your beer, but what you do with…

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Meridian Kolsch, Lost Rhino Brewing Company (Ashburn, VA)

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One of the joys of having a kegerator of delicious, cold, fresh Virginia craft beer is that as the beer ages and mellows out a bit, the flavor profile evolves from the 1st to the 10th, 20th, even 40th beer.  Well, unless you're hosting an intergalactic kegger, and then I imagine they'll all taste pretty similar (and you'll be tapped out inside of an hour).  The first two kegs I went through didn't see this sort of change, but the current round (which also includes the most excellent Forge Saison/Farmhouse Ale) has definitely pulled off a few parlor tricks on…

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Cooking with BEER: Lost Rhino Kolsch and Port City Optimal Wit

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For Christmas my wife got a lot of fancy attachments for her KitchenAid, as well as one of those automatic breadmakers.  Imagine her surprise, then, when out of the blue one day I say I'm going to bake some bread as well...and don't want any of her gadgets. The inspiration to cook some beer bread was fairly evident in all the odors of yeast, butter, and flour emanating from our kitchen these past few months.  This is also an insanely simple recipe for a versatile kind of bread that's great just to munch on, toast up as croutons, or dip…

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Friday Night Flights: Off the bike trail @OldOxBrewery

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I first found out about Old Ox from a friend who'd noticed their signs while biking down the WO&D trail.  Advertising bathrooms, water breaks, and a place to sit down to weary bikers, then ambushing them with beer?  Brilliant!   After determining they were close by to Lost Rhino, that made it (seemingly) easy to add them to the docket.  It being many months later, in practice it's simply difficult to trek well outside the Beltway so I'd had to suffice with a few tastes here and there and so discovered the delightful Oxtoberfest and Black Ox back in the…

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Friday Night Flights: Choosing a new keg with @LostRhino

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Among my New Beer Resolutions were that I was going to get a bit further outside the I-95/495 Beltway which defines "NOVA" as there are some damn fine breweries catching on out there - I defined the Route 28 corridor as linking two hot spots in Ashburn and Manassas, and vowed to get some reviews done out there...including bringing home a few sixtels for the new kegerator.  Well, one of the places I wanted to bring a keg home from is Lost Rhino, so even though they didn't have the one I specifically wanted (Final Glide Hefeweizen) I was going…

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Tailgate Throwdown: Ye Olde Oktoberfests, Kent St. vs. UVa, 9/27/14 – @CampWahoo

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As the leaves take on hues of copper, amber, and yellow, families flock in droves first to see a bunch of trees die, and then onwards to tents full of sudsy glory.  With the harvest comes autumn, and with autumn comes a series of lagers aging for months in anticipation of just this moment.  Now, Oktoberfest-style beers come in a number of varieties, from märzens (aka festbier or Oktoberfestbier) which are malty and more of a coppery goldenrod in hue to Vienna Lagers (sometimes amber lagers) with more toasted caramel profiles befitting their amber hue.  Since by Bavarian law beer…

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Tailgate Throwdown: California Common Lagers, UCLA vs. UVa, 8/30/14 – @CampWahoo

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Heading into this college football season, we decided to be cheeky and have a theme on top of a theme for our UVa tailgate.  Why UVa?  Because we all graduated from there, and we're absolute sadists when it comes to sports.  For a number of years we've been frequenting Camp Wahoo (@CampWahoo), a stone's throw from UVa's stadium with a good mixture of locals and alumni.  The first idea was to have tastings of a variety of Virginia beers, review the new ones, and maybe pick a winner.  Been there, patented that cliché...boring.  The fresh idea was to not only…

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