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Stunt Dubbel, Isley Brewing Co. (Richmond, VA)

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If you're someone who thinks that pumpkins and yams end with October, clearly you've never been sucked into a Yankee Candle, Bath & Body Works, or any other purveyor of autumnal scents.  This is bigger than a can of gourd slathered into a pie dish, or the sweet potato biscuit recipe my very own mother has refused to share with me even 30 years after I became addicted to them.  It's also bigger than that whole spiced coffee bit dominating even your workplace pantry's Keurig, and the indefensibly questionable notion that pumpkins are fruity enough to go into ice creams…

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Peanut Butter & Jelly, Isley Brewing Co. (Richmond, VA)

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I don't get to Richmond much, even though I have family living just above I-295.  With kids in tow it's just a hard day, prone to traffic jams and bad tempers.  We've gotten the whole family unit to Legend and Triple Crossing before (because they have food), but the others are a bit harder.  Scott's Addition is just plain daunting.  So when my wife issued me a pass to go see the Killthrax Tour (Killswitch Engage + Anthrax), it was game on for a Sunday afternoon of beer and heavy metal.  Isley ended up being our last stop.  All I'd…

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Proven Theory, Benchtop Brewing Co. (Norfolk, VA)

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Usually my business trips take me to the Midwest.  For once (and maybe the only time), a trip kept me in the Commonwealth and I was able to meander around the 757 of all places.  One of my evening visits took me to Benchtop, which was fresh off its GABF Gold Medal win for its Mermaid's Scorn Oyster Gose.  Yes, I tried that, too.  What caught my attention most of all was their NE-ish IPA, and the cheeky name attached to it.  A Proven Theory for what, exactly?  That yours is the best?  That this is a superior style?  Endless…

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Friday Night Flights: Ornery Beer Co. (Woodbridge, VA)

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Asking a Northern Virginian (NoVAn?  NoVite?) where the boundaries of the region lie is basically a test of one's place and tenure of residence.  A brown-sandled bro in Arlington might snobbishly delineate it as the Beltway, but then each successive neighborhood out probably looks one or two major North- or West-running roads further down I-66 as a similar barrier.  Just outside the Beltway in Vienna or Fairfax?  Route 50.  Chantilly or Manassas?  Route 234.  Leesburg?  The Greenway.  And so on it goes with the pretense that as long as you make the nigh insufferable commute down that Hades-forsaken corridor to…

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Radegast, BadWolf Brewing Co. (Manassas, VA)

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"Be careful, both of you.  The enemy has many spies - birds, beasts!" "Radagast is, of course, a worthy wizard, a master of shapes and changes of hue; and he has much lore of herbs and beasts, and birds are especially his friends." -Gandalf, The Lord of the Rings:  The Fellowship of the Ring Oh, hearts of geekdom.  Yes, yes, we know that "Radegast" refers to a Czech style of beer as well as the Slavic god of hospitality.  But you can't look at this bottle's label without nerding out over some very Tookish flowery script!  BadWolf also likes to…

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COLOSSAL SIX, Port City Brewing Co. (Alexandria, VA)

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Hello, darkness, my old friend I've come to drink with you again Because your anniversary reigning Left its fruits while I was training And the yearning that you planted in my brain Still remains Within your COLOSSAL SIX In restless dreams I drank alone Snifters filled by Russian clones 'Neath the halo of my cold stash I flipped the bottle cap off into the trash When my nose was crushed by The flash of buttered toffee Charred and oaky So spoke your COLOSSAL SIX And in fluorescent light I saw Ten hundred people, maybe more People drinking without speaking People…

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Round & Round, Ocelot Brewing Co. (Sterling, VA)

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Hoppy IPA Day!  There's only one way to celebrate such an occasion, and that is through the extravagance of some of the Lord of NoVA IPAtion, Ocelot.  These guys have been pushing the boundaries of West Coast, Belgian, and other sub-styles for more than two years now.  Sure, you might a different kind of experimentation elsewhere in the state, but for big hoppy flavors, you could do little better than to sneak out past the gates at Dulles and swing by a brewery so well hidden, you probably wouldn't know something good was there but for the cars sprawled all…

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Integral, Port City Brewing Co. (Alexandria, VA)

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Putting a new beer release directly into your regular lineup is a bold move.  And Port City is nothing if not careful in how they curate their menu.  Locking down their core beers was party of their early strategy, which to judge by overwhelming successes such as Optimal, Monumental, Essential, and the Porter was the smart play.  And you just have to wonder how important it is to them to have their beers end in -AL (such as Revival,  Maniacal, the COLOSSALs, and the seasonals)...that can't all be a coincidence.  Still, when the press release hit my inbox for Integral,…

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EBK [open your eyes edition] (Ghost 560), Adroit Theory Brewing Company (Purcellville, VA)

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I'm exhausted. I've been on this street a thousand times. It's never looked so strange... The faces: so cold! In the distance, a child is crying. Fatherless...a bastard child, perhaps. My back aches, my heart aches, but my beer... my beer tastes amazing! Thank the gods I opened a bottle and poured some EBK [open your eyes] from Adroit Theory! The first production run of Adroit Theory's EBK line of New England-style IPAs, EBK [open your eyes] NE triple IPA possesses a smooth flavor and powerful punch, making it an extremely worthy entry into VA's growing NE IPA market. EBK…

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Maps are Here!!

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One of the TOP SECRET things we have been working on going into our 4th year was to have a place where all of our content is accessible in a very user friendly way.  We have also for the longest time wanted to do a map and a directory of Virginia Craft Beer establishments for people to look up places to go (and what to drink when they get there!)  Well, we figured out a way to do both at once! We're proud to introduce our Beta version of Maps.  If you look at our front page now, we have an…

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