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Lost Weekend, Bluejacket Brewing (Washington, DC)

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Wha... why are we talking about a beer that's not from Virginia?  Apart from the fact that we've covered Bluejacket before, or that there's some serious cross-pollination between DC and VA breweries, we happened to notice a picture of the Bluejacket taproom on the twitters recently.  You see, the Brewers Association released a study similar to a question we've asked before, on whether or not breweries with taprooms draw better sales (the answer as always...it depends).  Well, what was important was that they used a picture of Bluejacket on social media as part of the study's release.  We recognized it…

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Songlines, Right Proper Brewing Co. (Washington, DC)

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If a brewery is going to be successful, it will have a little bit of something for everyone.  As such, some strategies carry more inherent risk than others - going all IPAs, Belgians, sours, and so on.  The point is that if your preferred style matches that of the Head Brewer, you're probably going to keep coming back.  If the brewer bets everything on one particular trend, and it doesn't draw volume, then they will be in trouble, quick.  For such reasons I thought that breweries betting on sours was a big mistake.  That Saison trend worked out, right?  And…

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A Way Too Early Look: The Black Squirrel (Dunn Loring, VA)

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Late last week, VBR got a sneak peek inside look at The Black Squirrel's new Dunn Loring, VA location in the Shops at the Avenir Place.  Currently completing the build out, the new location should open sometime in late May.  Amy Bowman, President of The Black Squirrel, gave me a tour as several craftsmen kept hard at work to meet their opening goal.  The downtown DC location in Adams Morgan holds a place in local craft beer lore as one of the original craft beer hot spots in the District. Their new location, mere steps from the Dunn Loring Metro…

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Citra Lemon Saison, 3 Stars Brewing Co. (Washington, DC)

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There was a time, even when I was a relative newbie when it came to all things beer, that I rejected most attempts to affix a slice or wedge of fruit to my beers (the one exception being certain Latin-style Adjunct Lagers).  For some reason it just didn't make sense to add something foreign to the beer in an attempt to enhance it - the beer should stand on its own, for whatever that may be worth.  Similar logic initially prevented me from even attempting to enjoy beers brewed with some kinds of fruit for a variety of hypocritical, short-sighted,…

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Friday Night Flights: Saisons and Cask Ales at bluejacket (Washington, DC)

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What happens when you have a Friday off, with a buddy in town from abroad who has spent most of the last 2+ years in areas of the world with little more than the local equivalent of moonshine and "lagers?"  You drink good beer, naturally.  You also give them good food.  The combination of the two, in the current microbrewery environment, either pushes one towards gastropubs who brew on site, or a pub with an extensive list of craft beer on draught.  My friend Sully has been so desperate to find (good) beer in places like Asia and Latin America…

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Ghost White IPA, 3 Stars Brewing (Washington, DC)

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We don't drink beer because it simply tastes okay, or because it invokes a particular "meh" feeling.  Beer is supposed to be delicious outside of whatever mood-enhancing effects its ingredients may have.  Some beer isn't, and sadly many people drink it anyways.  Some beer goes beyond the norm, and even more sadly not many people drink enough of it.  We're here to tell you about that second kind of beer, the one that's great but maybe flies under the radar a bit - to discover, explore, and venture out a bit.  Personally, it's why I generally have a policy of…

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