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Cruise Control, Crooked Run Brewing (Sterling, VA)

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It's not sexy. It's not popular. It's not what's now. As we shift out of a fall season that has shown utter disdain for seasonal beers the likes I haven't since I started opining, this should be the time to start getting into stouts. Most of our faithful readers know that this is where a lot of brewers across The Commonwealth shine on the national stage. Don't worry, we'll get to all those. But I didn't want to get too far into the season without talking about this beer. I usually start all my pilsner reviews the same way: complaining…

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Friday Night Flights: Crooked Run Brewing (Leesburg, VA)

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One interesting thing about nanobreweries is that no two visits are ever the same.  If you like to explore this can be a great thing, but if you want consistency you may feel turned off.  Thankfully, many nanos decide to keep a flagship beer or two around so that if a reliable pint is what you're after you should be in luck most of the time.  If you've not been to Crooked Run in downtown Leesburg before, you'll easily be drawn into the quaint, cozy space.  The outdoor patio feels like it could be off the back of your own…

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