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Lost Weekend, Bluejacket Brewing (Washington, DC)

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Wha... why are we talking about a beer that's not from Virginia?  Apart from the fact that we've covered Bluejacket before, or that there's some serious cross-pollination between DC and VA breweries, we happened to notice a picture of the Bluejacket taproom on the twitters recently.  You see, the Brewers Association released a study similar to a question we've asked before, on whether or not breweries with taprooms draw better sales (the answer as always...it depends).  Well, what was important was that they used a picture of Bluejacket on social media as part of the study's release.  We recognized it…

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Friday Night Flights: Saisons and Cask Ales at bluejacket (Washington, DC)

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What happens when you have a Friday off, with a buddy in town from abroad who has spent most of the last 2+ years in areas of the world with little more than the local equivalent of moonshine and "lagers?"  You drink good beer, naturally.  You also give them good food.  The combination of the two, in the current microbrewery environment, either pushes one towards gastropubs who brew on site, or a pub with an extensive list of craft beer on draught.  My friend Sully has been so desperate to find (good) beer in places like Asia and Latin America…

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