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BR: Bridge Builder Blonde, Parkway Brewing Co. (Salem, VA)

  4 years ago     1514 Views     1 Comment  

My first foyer into something other Natty Light in college was at a great Corner Bar called Micheal's Bistro. There, we would try beer that a vast majority of other places we frequented wouldn't have. This was my first dive into the Belgians. Duvel. Chimay. While the extent of our tastings were mostly Dubbels and Tripels (and which were few and far between due to lack of money), I had not really tried any 18As until this past year. The lightest of the Belgian family is the Blond (Blonde) Ale and is a brew that a decent number of Virginia Breweries…

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BR: Honey Ginger, Ardent Craft Ales (Richmond, VA)

  4 years ago     1426 Views     2 Comments  

Sometimes it takes a particular beer to open you up to try and completely different brew. Case in point, I went on honeymoon in Maine and at one of the breweries we went to, Atlantic Brewing Company, had a Ginger Beer they brewed to compliment food from the Thai place that used to be next to them in Bar Harbor. I though that was a very interesting beer. So when I was out in Richmond a few weeks ago, I tried the Honey Ginger from Ardent Craft Ales. And it was a great choice. Honey Ginger, Ardent Craft Ales (Richmond,…

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BR: Magic Beaver Belgian-Style Pale Ale, Lickinghole Creek Craft Brewery (Goochland, VA)

  4 years ago     2085 Views     2 Comments  

Okay, how can you not review a beer with this name? It is a confession of this writer that this one came down the line on a night out a few weeks ago, but this is why you take notes. There seems to be a lot of 'hybrid' beers on the market, as Virginia brewers are trying to create brews that would stand out from the others. And while it is hard to break a whole tap in restaurant or bar, it's a whole lot easier to get a case or two of 22s or 750s available for the more…

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BR: Whiter Shade of Pale, Starr Hill Brewery (Crozet, VA)

  4 years ago     1182 Views     1 Comment  

With the 4th of July weekend now behind us, we continued to comb though the massive list of beer reviews we still needed to get out. Surprising enough this one had slipped through our fingers. And to make matters worse, this was going to be our first review for a beer from a long established Virginia Brewery. Yes, we did talk about one of their other beers in our Mariner's Museum Beer Festival wrap, but not a stand-alone review. Well to get the ball rolling this week, we are going to rectify this by getting into one of the most interesting…

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BR: Martian Spring Biere de Mars, Strangeways Brewing – @StrangewaysRVA (Richmond, VA)

  4 years ago     1060 Views     2 Comments  

What a long, strange trip it has been. After finally getting hitched 16 days ago and up to the great green north that was Maine, I have made my back to the computer with a log full of great beer. And while I debated on where to start with my reviews, I find it most appropriate to start in the city that started the journey. It wasn't the first time through RVA that I had this beer, but this past weekend's escapade out downtown that I came across this beer. I hadn't made it to Strangeways yet, and every time…

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BR: Striped Bass Pale Ale, Devils Backbone Brewing Company – @dbbrewingco (Lexington, VA)

  4 years ago     1232 Views     2 Comments  

Ok, so it's been a while.  It never helps to have final exams and weddings pin you down for a few weeks, if for no other reason than it's simply not conducive to discovering new microbrews.  I had actually sampled this little beauty just after Memorial Day, but when forced to decide between a heart-wrenching tale of hops and barley and a mindless financial analysis of a wind turbine farm, well...  In any event, I was so impressed that I picked up an entire six pack of this beer, which is quite rare unless it makes it into my rotation…

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BW: Blue Lab Brewing Company – @BlueLabBrewing (Lexington, VA)

  4 years ago     64018 Views     3 Comments  

After a long Friday night of cigars, bourbon, and politics I decided a pit stop was a necessity during a long car ride back from Roanoke. Having no knowledge of the craft beer scene in the small towns off 81 North I searched google for "Lexington Breweries" and stumbled upon Blue Lab Brewing Company. Located a couple blocks off Main Street and across the street from a horse carriage shop I was concerned while standing outside that I was about to walk into someone's living room (see the photo below and you will understand). However, once we walked in my friends…

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BR: Hoptimization, Three Brothers Brewing Company (Harrisonburg, VA)

  4 years ago     1700 Views     1 Comment  

One of the perks of helping a friend select Virginia craft beer to stock a bar for an upcoming party is of course the excuse this “chore” provides to try new brews. First up on this latest tasting tour is Hoptimization, a West Coast IPA from Three Brothers Brewing over in the Shenandoah Valley. Most of my previous experiences with Harrisonburg involved weekend roadtrips from UVA,  apartments fondly known as “Trashby,” and drinking whatever was in the nearest keg…so this has to be a step up….right? Hoptimization, Three Brothers Brewing (Harrisonburg, VA) West Coast IPA, ABV: 7.1% Presentation: Bottle pour into a…

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BR: Blonde Hunny Ale, Wild Wolf Brewing Company (Nellysford, VA)

  4 years ago     3015 Views     1 Comment  

Continuing on our Summer Beer Tour, I took a trip down to our local beer dispensaries to see what was new in stock. Getting out of your comfort zone is an important part of trying beers, and right off the bat, I thought this beer would be one that would test my limits. Labelled as a Summer Beer, Belgian Pale Ale, and honey would be an interesting mix, but it was more than decent mix of all three. Blonde Hunny Ale, Wild Wolf Brewing Company (Nellysford, VA) Belgian Pale Ale, ABV: 6.8% Presentation: Can into pint glass. Appearance: Amber-honey color with little head,…

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BW: Strangeways Brewing – @StrangewaysRVA (Richmond, VA)

  4 years ago     1379 Views     2 Comments  

"Exquisitely Peculiar." Words the guys and gals over at Strangeways Brewing use to describe their beer and their brewery. This place definitely has a vibe and a style all its own but I felt right at home when the first song I heard was "Wish You Were Here" by Pink Floyd and the first beer I had was a delicious 10.24% Eisbock. Strangeways is a little off the beaten path from where you would expect to find an up and coming brewery here in Richmond, but somewhere between noticing the boar head on the wall rocking a fez cap and…

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