BR: RVA IPA, Hardywood Park Craft Brewery (Richmond, VA) @Hardywood

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There’s so much to be thankful for.  For me, personally, it’s finishing grad school, having a little baby due next month, getting a promotion, and feeling settled in a brand new house.  On this particular site, we’re thankful for good beer first and foremost.  On this particular day I switched back and forth between beer and wine, but ultimately ended up with something from Hardywood as my sister as was talking about trying to move down to RVA.  Therefore, I thought it only appropriate to talk about the RVA IPA, which is a fairly delightful concoction for which we can all be thankful!

RVA IPA, Hardywood Part Craft Brewery (Richmond, VA) – @Hardywood
American Style IPA, ABV 7.0%, IBU 62

Presentation:  Bomber pour into pint glass.

Hardywood RVA

Appearance:  A little cloudy, a little amber, a little red, and a little golden.  If you said “pale hefeweizen” I wouldn’t have a problem with it.  A medium amount of head lingers, leaving behind a fair amount of lattice.  There’s also a hint of lemon that evaporates the further into the sip you get.

Taste:  An interesting amount of honey and floral notes on the nose gives way to an almost lager presence with the body/finish.  A few seconds later you’ll finally start to get a bit of hops, but it’s really smooth.

ABV/IBU:  62 IBU?  B.S.  This is much closer to a Pale Ale, and a mild one at that.

Overall:  This is a really flavorful beer.  To me, an IPA is never synonymous with a palate wrecking sensation.  A bit of bitter hops, some floral aromas, a small bit of citrus, and some sweetness are fairly typical for a good IPA.  The RVA IPA is a little bit of all that, but each phase is fairly mild and tends more sweet than bitter.  There’s a bit of love in this particular beer, and I don’t mean the self-gratification variety.  Rather, everything is so well balanced that this becomes a beer of all occasions rather than an occasional beer.  Well done, Hardywood.

Score:  8.6