BR: Dear Old Mum, Alewerks Brewing Company (Williamsburg, VA)

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label_24We interrupt this pumpkin beer fest to bring you an important message. Just cause you are in the midst of putting together your Halloween costumes, doesn’t mean you HAVE to only be drinking one style of beer. I know the stores have been overloaded since before Labor day with those yammy concoctions, there are other beers out there that still have the festive vibe to them. Even ones that will carry over past this month into the Thanksgiving and Christmas season, which apparently run concurrent now. If you have been ‘gourding’ yourself lately and need a break, might I suggest this spiced ale offering from our friends in Williamsburg.

Dear Old Mum, Alewerks Brewing Company (Williamsburg, VA)
Spiced Ale, 5.0% ABV

Presentation: Bottle pour into snifter glass. While it is not the traditional glass you might use (like a mug or pint), capturing the aroma is a big part of this beer.

Appearance: Amber with a slight haze to it, medium-high carbonation with very little white head that is gone almost immediately.

Smell: The best part of this beer. Plenty of spices blended together almost of a mead quality. Listed are cardamom, grains of paradise, coriander, and long peppers, but you enjoy them as a whole.

Taste: It is a ‘wheat ale’ in base so it’s going to be a little grainy in tasting, with a bready quality with very little hop notes present at all. Now since it is a spiced ale, you get all of the same spices from the aroma up front without the beer overpowering them. This beer leaves little to zero aftertaste of spice but a faint sweet roll on the back end for a quick reset.

ABV/IBU Feel: Very clean and easy to say cleaner than one would expect from a spiced ale. With it being a wheat beer with little hops, there is an initial spice feeling in the mouth, but it is quickly dissipated. It also drinks as a wheat with little ABV sharpness.

Overall: This is a great change of pace beer to the rigors of the heavier beers you experience during this season. I hesitated putting this review out now cause you could write this same one in November through February when the darker beers come out and it would be just as relevant. Some believe this could border on a barley-wine, but it is way to light for that distinction. This one is definitely worth a look and should be more prevalent in your local establishments as the season gets colder.

Score: 8.3


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