BR: Pilsnerd, Three Brothers Brewing (Harrisonburg, VA)

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1412452228620I kind of felt like Charlie Bucket. You know that scene in Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory when he finds out all the golden tickets are gone and is moping through the streets, only to find out that there was still one more ticket out there and he has it. It was not that dramatic but it was a definite “Oh!” moment in my last trip to the store.

Now that the fall has slowly crept into Virginia, I have been focused on some of the more seasonable beers. But I noticed only lonely Pilsner in the ‘Make your own 6 pack’ section, snatched it up, and ran to the closest check out line as fast as I could (or just walked). It is one I have been aching to really get down and try since I had it at the National Beer Expo in July, and this past weekend gave me the perfect opportunity. And while I loved it immediately for it’s logo, the beer was great as well.

Pilsnerd, Three Brothers Brewing (Harrisonburg, VA)
German Pilsener, ABV: 4.6%

Presentation: Bottle pour into cup for notes, bottle for rest.

Appearance: Pale to straw yellow with very little whitish head and a fair amount of carbonation.

Smell: Faint bready aroma complimented by a light honey and crisp fruit.

Taste: Very crisp and clean with an earthy/mineral quality to it resolving into a little bit of the honey/apple that appeared in the nose. Aftertaste consistent with other pilseners.

ABV/IBU Feel: Clean and light but not too watered down. Mild hops and low ABV made it very drinkable, though there was a light sweetness afterwards that sat around for a little while that mixed with the graininess of the beer.

Overall: First off kudos to Three Brother Brewing and their marketing department. I have enjoyed several beers from these guys, but the way they incorporate their logo into individualized beers is truly outstanding and is really not seen to this level in the state. And I’m a computer geek at heart, so the play on the 8-bit logo is really cool. As far as the product, I would say this is a great beer to go out and get, but it is now harder and harder to find as it really isn’t pilsener season any longer and the more traditional fall beers are competing for shelf space. However, if you are looking for a break from the heavier beers, this is a more than solid option and had a decent flavor to stand alone when you line it up with other Pils from The Commonwealth.

Score: 8.4