Sweater Weather, O’Connor Brewing Co. (Norfolk, VA)

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I have been playing with two intros to this story, so choose your own adventure (no page flip necessary):

As it is Thanksgiving week….

(1) I was sent out to purchase the supplies for our first hosted Thursday dinner ever. While we have cooked for ourselves many years ago, this would be the first time other people would come to our establishment and eat. Last year’s request to carve the turkey was just a warm up to the massive Turducken breast I was preparing this year. On my run to our local grocery thingy, as I normally do, a walk through the beer cooler was warranted. I stumbled upon few Virginia Beer options (*grumble*), but as a single star in the night sky, there was a mixed pack of beers from O’Connor just waiting for me, which included one beer I have not had before.

(2) I am reminded of the Macy’s Day parade, as we used to wake up early with my parents to watch and to await the arrival of Santa at the end, which marked the beginning of the Christmas season. Little did I know years later, that my wife would inform me that Christmas begins after Halloween, and the over/under for completed Christmas Trees by Thanksgiving sits at 4.5. But as I was at the local thingy store buying supplies for Thanksgiving, I saw a mixed pack of beers from O’Connor jest waiting for me, which included Jolly Old Saint Nick on the Bottle. Always worth a shot.

Sweater Weather, O’Connor Brewing Co. (Norfolk, VA)
Witbier, ABV: 4.7%, IBU: N/A

Presentation: Bottle pour into pint glass for tasting, straight from the bottle after.

Appearance: Dullish yellow, cloudy, with little loosed bubbled head that spider-webbed glass.

Aroma: Yeast and wheat esters of spice/clove and bananas/tropical fruit heavy through out. A very sticky/sugary quality as well.

Taste: Nose on point. Clove front to middle, fruit middle to end. Sweetness ramps as the beer warms up.

ABV/IBU Mouthfeel: Very smooth, but heavier than most stateside Wits. Tended to be sweeter than reset and malt/wheatier than even reset as well. Hops/IBU more balance than anything.

Overall: You could throw this in with a saison or a witbier, and you really wouldn’t be wrong either way. It is a little sweeter than most american wheat offerings, but that is perfectly OK for the winter season, where those beers thrive. I liked it even more paired in the winter pack with El Guapo, ODIS, and Norfolk Canyon, all of which are some of my easy go-tos. Should not be hard to find east of Richmond or specialty beer stores throughout Virginia.

Score: 8.5