Scurvy Dog, The Bold Mariner Brewing Company (Norfolk, VA)

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It’s too late. There is just no way. I should not be sitting here the day before Halloween and putting out this review. But it’s good. Like really good. And if people can’t hunt for it now, it will be next Spring/Summer before it pops back up. Well, if the past year has any precedent of reviewing beers ‘out of season’ (*ahem* Summer Stouts *cough*), then 1….ONE…saison review close to November is acceptable. I’ll give y’all the line again about ‘in the winter full of malty browns and stout, this is a great change of pace beer’, but I’d be lying to you. This is a great beer, period.

Scurvy Dog, The Bold Mariner Brewing Company (Norfolk, VA)
Saison, ABV: 6.2%, IBU: 30

Presentation: Tap pour into pint glass. Fanciness not needed.

Appearance: Yellow to yellow brown, hazy, white head that laced glass.

Aroma: Good amount of fleshy fruit and spicy/clove. Hints of yeast and musty in a more traditional saison, slight hop notes as well.

Taste: I picked out the fruit and Belgian esters up front. It was my wife who was able to pick out the late hops, (Tag Team Back Again!), and she was right. I don’t know if the intent was a hoppy saison, but the more I got into it, the more I was able to get that slight uptick towards the end.

ABV/IBU Mouthfeel: Slightly sweet, slightly hoppy towards the end. Neither overpowering and well in line with farmhouses. It does come off a little stronger that other saisons, but it is not a bad thing at all. IBU, again, was noticeable at the end, which does leave the mouth reset on the hoppy side.

Overall: I know production and distribution schedules from what is available to me. This is a ‘summer’ beer and while we are in that 2 week window that we call ‘fall’ in Virginia, it might have been a stroke of genius to get this beer out to places, as it pretty much sits alone among the heavy brews. Once you get into the hoppy saison mode, you pretty much lock into this one. Availability? Now, and quickly, or it is next cycle before you can find it again. Well done.

Score: 8.6