Grizzly Wizard House Mixed Culture Tart Grisette, Fine Creek Brewing Co. (Powhatan, Va.)

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Somehow, US Customs let us all back into the States, and while one of us is still fighting off the Bubonic Plague we picked up in Salzburg, we are ready to get back to what we love to do: eating processed food and drinking craft beer. Luckily, we had one mostly done before we left, and that’s what y’all are getting today.

We now join this beer review already in progress.

…and while searching for great Virginia beer is an ebb-and-flow process, sometimes on occasion, you just get it handed to you.

The later was the case with this one. I have been trying to get out to this newer brewery for a little while now, but schedules just haven’t been lining up. Luckily, I’ve got an ace in the hole. Next Memorial Day weekend, I get to enjoy the company of friends to watch 2 of my good friends get married at The Mill at Fine Creek. Well in their wedding planning spree, they were able to visit the brewery and bring back a growler of this fine brew. And knowing how much I like the tart/sour beers of late and before I slam the door to craft beer for 2 weeks and embrace ze German bier, I got to review a gift I received.

Grizzly Wizard House Mixed Culture Tart Grisette, Fine Creek Brewing Co. (Powhatan, Va.)
Grisette, ABV: 4%, IBU: N/A

Presentation: The happy couple gave us a half growler of this fine brew. Poured into pint glass. I usually don’t use this space to gush over growler bottles, but I will. The artwork on them is outstanding. And while Alex will beat me for not posting a picture of it with this review, I’ll put one on Instagram a little later.

Appearance: Straw to dullish yellow, hazy, very little whitish head that dissipated quickly.

Aroma: Sweet wheat notes push through damp, musky overtone. Slight, faint floral and citrus notes

Taste: The oversimplification of the Grisette style is a lighter saison, which can go many different directions. This one has a great light, damp quality that I love in classic versions, and really enjoyed in this one. Tart throughout, but acidity picks up in the middle. Fruit/citrus and floral notes resonate at the end along with a slight earthy note.  And with all of this going on, very refreshing.

ABV/IBU Mouthfeel: Light and tart. Acidity towards the top end, but the mustiness of the beer holds it back from sour face. This is low ABV and IBU so put this in the Berliner Weisse territory of crushability.

Overall: Grisettes are fun to review. The classic French brew has it’s own distinct style, but, from a reviewing standpoint in the US, pulls from styles that we are more accustomed to seeing. We used BW and FH to try to capture that and it is in that range. If you like the damp end saisons and the mouthfeel of Berliners, this one is right up your alley. I usually advocate to find this out at your local store, but even if they have distribution, you have to go to this amazing place. The amount of care and pride they put into the entire complex is downright exquisite. I have no qualms about putting this in 9s, as it is a rare style in Virginia, and it checks off all the primary boxes you are looking for.

Score: 9.0