Live Beer Blogging from #BBC17

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While every year at the Beer Bloggers & Writers Conference, there are a ton of fun events. The highlight from our writing stand point is the Live Beer Blogging. 10 beers (samples) in 60 minutes and we pick a winner. What you are reading right now is as close to ‘live’ as possible: raw and unedited. We are definitely not worthy to have all these great beers, but only one can be the champion. Here was the field and the winner at the bottom:

D14 Brewery & Pub, Milwaukee, Wisconsin
B: Barrel Aged Pomegranate Sour
R: Chard barrel smooths out the sour with pomegranate. Really fun.

Deschutes Brewery, Bend, Oregon
B: Pacific Wonderland Lager
R: Very nice clean hops with a solid bready base.

Lakefront Brewery, Milwaukee Wisconsin
B: Fuel Cafe Organic Coffee Stout
R: Super coffee, smooth not heavy

Milwaukee Brewing Company, Milwaukee, Wisconsin
B: Weekend @ Louie’s Blueberry Rooibos Tea Amber Ale
R: Super Blueberry, earth tea, real fun.

Pabst Milwaukee, Milwaukee, Wisconsin
B: Ballantine Burton Ale 2015
R: Very malty, very rich, very strong. But smooth as anything.

Rogue Ales, Newport, Oregon
B: Rolling Thunder Imperial Stout 2017
R: Very crystal malts, super brown sugar, very strong

Stone Brewing, Escondido, California
B: Tangerine Express IPA
R: Maltier IPA, citrusy goodness

Third Space Brewing, Milwaukee, Wisconsin
B: Happy Place Midwest Pale Ale
R: Hoppy and green up front, very pale malts

Westallion Brewery, West Allis, Wisconsin
B: Ale with Licorice Root
R: Very smooth with clean licorice, not overpowering. Very interesting. Chili peppers by some.

Founder’s Brewing, Grand Rapid, Michigan
B: Redankulous Imperial Red IPA
R: Very malty and sweet, hops are very late, smooth.

Patosi Brewing Company, Potosi, Wisconsin
B: Potosi Czech Style Pilsner
R: Sweeter, bready pilsner. Slightly sweeter than clean.

WINNER: Westallion Ale with Licorice Root



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