Making IPA Great Again, The Answer Brewpub (Richmond, VA)

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I am not a very political person. Don’t get me wrong, I educate myself on the issues, have thought out decisions, and vote in every election. But I stick to the adage that there are 2 topics you don’t delve into whilst having a round of drinks, and politics is one of them. So as you are reading this, please note that this is not, in any way, shape, or form, touting any candidate in the upcoming Presidential Election.

I enjoy beer, and when it comes to IPAs, we are very well documented in saying that Richmond has been putting out some mighty tasty ones. And the icing on the cake for this brew, is that this is a collaboration with Cycle Brewing in St. Petersburg, FL, one of our stops recently at our Beer Bloggers & Writers Convention. So let’s get right to it!

Making IPA Great Again, The Answer Brewpub (Richmond, VA)
Double IPA, ABV: 8.1%, IBU: 0*

Presentation: Growler pour into cup. Noted that the growler was acquired less than 24 hours before re-opening.

Appearance: Bright yellowish and orange, hazy/unfiltered, white head that sat up for a decent amount of time with slight capping.

Aroma: There is a real balance between a great pine hop and tropical fruit aroma. It’s one of those I had to get a few whiffs of to try to see which one was more predominate, and it was different each time.

Taste: Again you are getting the best of both worlds. A very tangerine/mango/pineapple front and middle, with a great green/pine hop resolve at the end. The hops tended to move more forward as the tasting continued, but the overall taste was still pretty similar.

ABV/IBU Mouthfeel: It is slightly thinner that what you would expect from a DIPA, but it is super drinkable. The ‘fruit forward’ has the perception of some acidity, but nothing that would deter the overall experience. The back is very hoppy and sticks around, as you would normally see in DIPAs, so the reset is tilted hoppy, contributing to the tasting notes that the hops move forward as the CANteen was emptied. ABV was present in the front a little. I can and will write a story later about IBUs, but for now, don’t let the 0 IBU number fool you, there is a great about of solid Citra, El Dorado, & Amarillo hops in this one.

Overall: It is a blessing and a curse to get into these great IPAs. So much so that it would not be a stretch to say that if you are at The Answer and are presented with an IPA of any variety, you are going to have a great experience. This one tends more on the fruitish side as denoted from those crazy Citra hops and the large amount of alpha acids in them. This beer is perfect for a slightly higher ABV option for the summer/early fall months and can carry through October as well.

Score: 9.3