Coffee Obsession, Lickinghole Creek Craft Brewery (Goochland, VA)

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Coffee-Obsession-Bottle-300x300Part of the Yin and Yang of the craft beer scene is balancing your core beers and limited release offerings. Some places have gone as far as having several different beer ‘series’ with different release dates. But a few places love to throw you for a loop and constantly release new stuff all (most) of the time. Are we complaining? Not in the least. In fact, we are the beneficiaries of trying new and innovative things from some of the finest brew-masters around. But in trying to stay current and get the news out to fellow Commonwealthers (Commonwealthians?), it seems that we sit down to write about one beer, just to have it eclipsed by several others. Well this time we’ve finally gotten hold of a particular brew at the peak of popularity before these guys keep pumping out more delicious quaffs.

Coffee Obsession, Lickinghole Creek Craft Brewery (Goochland, VA)
Imperial Stout , ABV: 11.5%, IBU: 60

Presentation: Tap Pour into tulep. (I’ve also had it from the bomber, but for review purposes, we went for tap.)

Appearance: Super brown to black, very little brownish head that dissipated quickly.

Aroma: Heavy roasted malts/chocolate/coffee. Some faint sweet nuttiness and dark sugars/fruit.

Taste: Strong coffee and chocolate dominate the palate. The coffee and the malt roast gives is a very round feel throughout, but make no mistake what takes center stage.

ABV/IBU Mouthfeel: Medium to medium light, thinner than a stout and even a little on the thin side for an Imperial. A lot of the mouth feel is like ‘spiked coffee’. The ABV is very, very high and is extremely noticeable through the coffee. IBU is high, but it takes that much just to balance this heavy thing out.

Overall: Coffee lovers would love this beer. Local sourcers would love that the coffee was roasted in Richmond, a holler from Goochland. It’s hard to find many things from Lickinghole that haven’t been maliciously thought out, and stouts/imperial stouts have found their niche with this brewery, not just on a state level, but a national one as well. I would be remiss if I didn’t mention their sister beer, Chocolate Obsession, which is everything that name says. As far as coffee stouts on an imperial level are concerned, one of the best we’ve tried, and our 9+ represents that. This may come as a surprise, but this is super limited and you need to find this now. Or wait a week or two for another amazing beer to come our way.

Score: 9.1