Zephyrweisse, O’Connor Brewing Co. (Norfolk, VA)

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ZephyrweisseI’ve been breaking a lot of rules recently. First, I am WAY TOO backed up on reviews right now. What you are about to read is left over from about a month ago. I’m also backed up cause I went on my semi-annual sabbatical to Northern Virginia to meet up with the rest of the crew as we took in a little basketball (and a few more beers).  This has now added just a few more things I need to review as basketball stressing is over.

I’m also breaking another rule. I try to spread around my reviews between various breweries from across the state, but couldn’t help but getting this one out there. As it looks like we are going to have a spring this year, here is a perfect way to enjoy those March/April afternoons.

Zephyrweisse, O’Connor Brewing Co. (Norfolk, VA)
Hefeweizen , ABV: 4%, IBU: 11

Presentation: Bottle pour into pint glass. Don’t have to get too fancy with this. (You also don’t need fruit. NO FRUIT.)

Appearance: Light yellow to light gold, hazy. Head was whitish, but did not sit long, moderate lacing of glass.

Aroma: Wheat/mealy, citrus, sugary, slight spice.

Taste: This is a very front and heavy wheat tasting Hefe. You pick up on the other flavors of the style middle-end like some lemon/lime peel and sometimes the banana/bubble gum/clove paradox that has been moving up the east coast. But the slightly sweet wheaty flavor hits you first.

ABV/IBU Mouthfeel: Unfiltered so slightly gritty, a little thinner than the style, but very smooth and not very acidic. ABV is very low, bordering on Berliner Weisse/Gose territory. IBU is for balance and not noticeable.

Overall: If you enjoy wheat-style beers, this is a great beer for you, it has plenty of that in it. I like the fact that it is low ABV and very drinkable with some good full flavors (which is great when you are trying to enjoy basketball…cause it’s stressing you out…cause the guy on TV is not listening to you shout instructions on how to play the game the right way. UGHH!). This is also perfect for spring salads and seafood. It is out now and should be available through about April/May.

Score: 8.7