Live Beer Blogging from #BBC15

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BBC15badgeWe have had an amazing time here at the Beer Bloggers & Writers Conference from our trip to Raleigh on Thursday touring several breweries, to Friday night’s insane event at Sierra Nevada, to Kim Jordan, CEO of New Belgium, giving the keynote address a little earlier today. All of that we will wrap up later on, but for now we are ready to engage in a little bit of live blogging. I know that things on this website aren’t really coming through ‘live’, but this was posted the second this event ended.

The North Carolina Brewers Guild brought a bunch of beer (shocker for this conference, right?) and conducted a ‘speed dating’ round robin beer tasting. So the following descriptions of beers we JUST finished tasting. Cheers!

1. Innovation Brewing (Silva, NC)

Beet and Basil Pale Ale

Super beet flavor with basil and hops balancing out the tartness. Amazing beet color.

Black IPA

Super dark malts, hops kick in towards the middle and ride it out.

2. Highland Brewing Company (Ashville, NC)

King MacAlpin Double IPA

Solid west coast, pine front and very hoppy.

3. Full Steam (Durham, NC)

Summer Basil Farmhouse Ale

Basil heavy nose and up front, finishes musty like a farmhouse.

4. Front Street Brewery (Wilmington, NC)

Absurdity Belgian IPA

Good balance between the two styles but finishes more Belgian. Very drinkable, but 9.1% ABV will end a night unexpectedly.

5. Duck-Rabbit (Farmville, NC)

Milk Stout

Always amazing. Super chocolate and lactic flavor.

6. Big Boss (Raleigh, NC)

Hell’s Bells Belgian Style Ale

Very musty, Belgian yeast, spicy, fruity. Strong.

7. NoDa Brewing (Charlotte, NC)

Hop, Drop, and Roll IPA

Super pine and citrus flavor for a straight up IPA.

8. White Street Brewing (Raleigh, NC)


Super fun, clean, bready.


Decent malts. Caramel


Hops are nice, not super heavy.

9. Olde Mecklenburg Brewing (Mecklenburg, NC)

Copper Amber Ale

Bready caramel malts. Grows on you.

Capt Jack Pilsner

Sweeter malt, clean, bready. North German Pils. Breaking away from the norm.

10. Trophy Brewing (Raleigh, NC)

Trophy Wife American Pale Ale

Super citrus nose, citrus heavy nose with pine.

Milky Way

Salted Caramel Stout. Great use of salt up front, caramel pushes through end.

11. Lonerider (Raleigh, NC)

Tres Vaqueros

Tripel aged in oak barrels.

Red Spur Red Ale

Different red, but very enjoyable.

Sweet Josie Brown Ale

Super sweet caramel flavors. Always one of my favorites.

Best Traditional Beer: (tie) Trophy Wife American Pale Ale, Trophy Brewing (Raleigh, NC) & Kolsch, White Street Brewing Company (Raleigh, NC)

Best Unique Beer: (tie) Beet and Basil Ale, Innovation Brewing (Silva, NC) & Summer Basil Farmhouse Ale, Full Steam (Durham, NC)







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