VBR at the Beer Bloggers & Writers Conference #BBC15

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BBC15badgeWe’d like to take a little time out from our regularly scheduled program to talk about what we have coming up. We love to write about Virginia and we love to write about beer. The process is fun and exciting, but we always strive to be better. And there are two ways we can achieve that. First is that we can try beer outside of Virginia. We are humble enough to understand what the beer culture is throughout the entire United States and the world. It gives us perspective on the levels of quality and trends in beer styles and its influence on society (that sounded like a college essay question, right?). Secondly, we can learn how to convey that message better to you, our readers. And that is what we are planning to do here shortly.

If you have noticed the guy to the right standing on the barrel, that is the logo for the Beer Bloggers & Writers Conference that will be held in 2 weeks in Asheville, NC. And due to the relative proximity of this year’s conference, the abundance of quality breweries in the area, and the accumulation of days off I have, Virginia Brew Review will be representing our Commonwealth at this gathering. It is not only a chance to see what else is going on outside of the confines of the state, but how other sites are writing and reviewing their work. In addition, since we are all products of the interwebs, we will be live Tweeting, blogging, and Instagramming from the event.

So what should you look out for? Here is a brief overview of what VBR will be covering:

Thursday, July 16th

We are participating in the Pre-Conference Excursion which will take us through Raleigh and Winston-Salem. We will be hitting the ground running with trips to Raleigh Brewing Company, Lonerider Brewing Company, White Street Brewing Company, and the newly opened Raleigh Beer Garden, which specializes in NC beer. We will be sending out our ‘best of the tours’ on our Twitter/Instagram account all afternoon.

Friday, July 17th

Friday will have 3 main events. First is a trip to Oskar Blues Asheville facility with a tour of the new digs. Then we are off to Sierra Nevada for dinner and the like. Lastly, will be a Beer Social Expo where breweries get to show off their wares.

Saturday, July 18th

The culmination of the conference will be Saturday with some Live Beer Blogging which will try some of the best and rarest beers presented by local brewers. This will only come out on VBR right after it is done, so look for it that night. Secondly, there will be the Evening Party, where NC beer meets food in a unique tasting. Lastly, we will end with Night of Many Bottles, which us, the participants, will bring our favorite beer and let our compatriots try them. We are still searching for that perfect 6-pack that says ‘Virginia’, so let us know if y’all have any ideas.

That’s it for now. Stay tuned as we will hone in on this schedule as the trip gets closer.


Former founder and writer for LambethField.com, now Co-Founder and writer for Virginia Brew Review. Life is too short to drink bad beer, but just long enough to write about it.