Hopocalypse Imperial Red Ale, Apocalypse Ale Works (Forest, VA)

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BEERPAGE-HoppocalypseI look for new opportunities. In my business, while heading down the course of what you are good at can make you very successful, branching out and discovering new projects in different field can prove to be very beneficial. I take that approach to the site as well. I could stick to the ‘flavor of the month’, but it is nice to get away from that sometimes and branch out. Well, I came across this beer a few weekends ago, and in the summer of sessions, this Imperial Red Ale is definitely off the beaten trail. But I am glad that I tried it.

Hopocalypse Imperial Red Ale, Apocalypse Ale Works (Forest, VA)
Imperial Red Ale, ABV: 8.0%, IBU: 110

Presentation: Tap pour into tulep.

Appearance: Darker red with a hint of orange. Slightly tinted reddish head sits for a moment then dissipated.

Aroma: Huge sweet citrus nose and hops. Very predominant even when raising glass to mouth. You know it is there.

Taste: Just like the aroma. The heavy citrus note goes all the way through. Imperial sweetness starts off the taste with hops kicking in just after that. Finishes with residual from all the components.

ABV/IBU Mouthfeel: Thicker, medium-heavy body with very little carbonation, smooth. Malts completely shut down ABV feel and cut into the hops as well. We’ve seen a lot of 100+ IBU beers with the heavy Munich malts and this plays nicely here as well.

Overall: If you are looking for something a little different, this one fits the bill. Not really a 4-season beer, but a nice change up if you are into heavy citrus note hoppy beer and reds in general. You can find these in kegs and cans, but this is an aroma beer, so get it out of that can and into a glass. Solid all around, and something you should definitely try if you see it on a menu.

Score: 8.7