Trail Angel Weissbier, Devil’s Backbone Brewing Co. (Lexington, VA)

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Devils-Backbone-Trail-Angel-WeissI have finally gotten back into golf. Injuries a few years ago shelved me from enjoying the links, but a few weeks ago was dragged out and loved every minute of it. But while my other compatriots firmly believe that golf is better shared with a few beers, the selection of beer was not up to par (pun intended). Thankfully after the round , I was able to stop by the local food store to pick up some grilling brew and found this gem that will be in our bags the next round.

Trail Angel Wiessbier, Devil’s Backbone Brewing Co. (Lexington, VA)
Hefeweizen, ABV: 4.7%, IBU: 12

Presentation: Can pour into pint glass, but this is perfect right out of the can.

Appearance: Deep gold in color, white head that sits up for a minute, then laces the glass.

Smell: Bready wheat, similar banana/cloves notes indicative of hefes, slight acidic sharpness.

Taste: Very tart and fruit on front end, wheat pushes through on the middle, rounding out with more citrus towards the back. A bit sour tasting for a hefeweizen.

ABV/IBU Mouthfeel: Pucker up for the first bit. This beer is very light and crisp, but there is a sour/acidic component up front. Very little effect from ABV or IBU on this beer. Carbonation is very present.

Overall: Right out of the shoot, this is a perfect summer beer for all activities. Low ABV, light, and crisp with a solid front end makes this a welcomed addition to any cooler. This is much lighter than your German, unfiltered versions, and could almost be a session hefe, but I don’t like throwing that term around. This has great flavor and does not feel watered down. One of the few beers I would only really drink out of a can, and that’s all that I have seen it in, so stick to the six-packs on this one. I can’t say that it will improve your golf game, but it will make hitting out of the sand trap more bearable. So I got that going for me, which is nice.

Score: 8.6