BR: Dead Rise Old Bay Summer Ale, Flying Dog Brewery (Frederick, MD)

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Growing up on the Chesapeake Bay, there are a few things that really remind you of the area. At the top of that list are weekend crab boils with friends and family. And if you didn’t bring the Costco-size container of Old Bay, you best turn around and go home. When I heard that McCormick and Flying Dog Brewery were teaming up for a spiced beer, I was very skeptical. But after fellow VBR editor Ben smuggled some down last weekend from Maryland, I found it brought back memories of those days on the docks.

Dead Rise Old Bay Summer Ale, Flying Dog Brewery (Frederick, MD)
Herbed Beer, ABV: 5.6%

Presentation: Bottle into tasting glass. Rest out of the bottle. Kept it classy.

Appearance: Golden rod, little whitish head dissipating fast.

Taste: Right up front, in taste and smell, you get Old Bay. It is not completely overwhelming, but it is powerful. Once you get past that, it is a nice ale with some lemon on the back end, very fitting for this kind of spiced beer.

ABV: Hardly noticeable. It is very, very smooth and drinkable. Right on point for a full-bodied ale.

Overall: This one was very hard to peg. This beer falls into the niche category. Alone, it is not a ‘I’ll have another’ beer. As I talked about, it reminds you of Bay seafood, and should be enjoy with such. The other point is that outside of this region, I don’t know if everyone would really get or appreciate it. You have to really like Old Bay to get on board with this beer. I like that this is a summer ale and released for this season. If you live in the watershed, this beer is a must to pick up a 6-pack, try one, then have some with some of the Bay’s finest. Past that, this is a novelty beer reserved for patios/dock parties this summer. I rated it strong based on it’s place in the ‘spiced beer’ category and that it is a must drink summer beer, but it doesn’t have a year-round lasting flavor, so get it now!

Score: 8.8