BR: Ways and Means, Port City Brewing Company – @PortCityBrew (Alexandria, VA)

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As a denizen of the National Capital Region – or, as the locals often call it, “the DMV” – it’s impossible to resist a beer named after a political committee. Ways and Means arrived on the scene for the first time in April to some acclaim. Even the House Ways and Means Committee wanted a taste and got to try it in a special tasting. This Session IPA is brewed with rye and has a peppery finish. You’ll find yourself comparing it to other IPAs and not quite matching it to anything you’ve had before. I first tasted it when it was released in the tasting room, but bought a growler in order to complete this review properly. Anything for Science!

Ways and Means, Port City Brewing Company – @PortCityBrew (Alexandria, VA)
Session IPA, ABV 4.5%, IBU 55

Presentation: Growler pour into pint glass.

Ways and Means

Appearance: Slightly cloudy orange hue.  Medium head dissipating at a normal pace.

Taste: Smoothy hoppyness gives way to a peppery finish.

ABV/IBU: You’re not going to realize you’re drinking a 4.5% beer. Yes, I paraphrased that line from Alex’s Catty Wompus review to show how this IPA differs from the one he just reviewed. It tastes almost like a Double IPA, but at 4.5% is much smaller than many normal IPAs. Nice bitterness present.

Overall: As I mentioned earlier, I compared this beer in my mind and thought it somewhat similar in taste to PCBC’s Maniacal Double IPA, but with a nice peppery finish. At it’s lower ABV, Ways and Means is deceptively drinkable. I enjoyed drinking it with some sharp cheddar and prosciutto, because that’s just how I roll. This beer is good enough to make it into my keg rotation at home, and wouldnt you know it? A keg just kicked…

Score: 7.9 (ie, not quite an 8)