Paranoid Aledroid, Triple Crossing Brewing Co. (Richmond, VA)

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I can't help but stare at the name of this beer and think of all the movies and articles out there warning us of the possibilities of artificial intelligence.  For reasons only tangentially related to one of Triple Crossing's finest, here's an impromptu countdown of some of the best cinema involving "paranoid androids:" Star Wars Battlestar Galactica The Matrix Alien Terminator 2:  Judgement Day Blade Runner 2049 Ex Machina Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy I, Robot Alien: Covenant* This isn't even counting other similar movies like Avengers: Age of Ultron that mostly follow a common theme:  robots are smarter than…

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Biere de Miel, Fine Creek Brewing Company (Powhatan, VA)

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The line between good and great is a hazy one. In this industry, the combination of several factors could impact your overall decision on one thing. For example, you might love a particular brewery, but then you are handed a new beer, and while it is noticeably not up to quality, you give it a good review. You could also love one of their beers, and think that the cuisine at a brewpub is the best thing you have had, even though you see them opening up aluminum cans and sticking it in the microwave. We want great, but will…

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Charm Milk Stout, Crooked Run Brewing (Sterling, VA)

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I didn't really intend to stay, but some homebrewers I'd been chatting with at another brewery waved me in.  It was late enough in the evening that the 2nd band was getting ready to play a few licks.  The menu board read "returning favorite."  I was ready to head home, but the belligerent #judgy side of me said, "yeah, we'll see about that."  It was a stout, so I saved it for last as always.  The other beers lay largely unfinished, sacrifices to the Untappd Gawds and a full and happy tummy.  Then the first wisps hit my nostrils, and…

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