Friday Night Flights: Ornery Beer Co. (Woodbridge, VA)

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Asking a Northern Virginian (NoVAn?  NoVite?) where the boundaries of the region lie is basically a test of one's place and tenure of residence.  A brown-sandled bro in Arlington might snobbishly delineate it as the Beltway, but then each successive neighborhood out probably looks one or two major North- or West-running roads further down I-66 as a similar barrier.  Just outside the Beltway in Vienna or Fairfax?  Route 50.  Chantilly or Manassas?  Route 234.  Leesburg?  The Greenway.  And so on it goes with the pretense that as long as you make the nigh insufferable commute down that Hades-forsaken corridor to…

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Citra Triangles, Triple Crossing Brewing Co. (Richmond, VA)

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"Drink now or don't bother."  Cloudy beer sure is a demanding passion.  We troll social media, call in "sick" on Thursdays or Fridays, and practice the worst forms of road rage to get our parking spots and places in line.  This was the result of one such adventure. Citra Triangles, Triple Crossing Brewing Co. (Richmond, VA) New England IPA, 6% ABV, 0 IBU Presentation:  Can pour into tulip. Appearance:  Pulpy, cloudy orange juice that catches a lot of golden hues in the right light.  Webs of lattice follow the beer down the glass fairly generally (but without a ring pattern).…

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Monk’s BBQ (Purcellville, VA)

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We get out to Purcellville, near the borders with West Virginia and Maryland, quite frequently.  Whether that's to snag beers from a blossoming brewery scene that features Adroit Theory, Old 690, Corcoran, and others, or for some wine club memberships in one of the best places for terroir on the East Coast, that town has a lot to offer for fans of great libations.  Just a few blocks off the W&OD Trail you can also find some superlative BBQ.  And since this is a site all about Virginia beer, you know they're going to have a great tap list, too. …

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James Bean Vanilla Oatmeal Porter, James River Brewery (Scottsville, VA)

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While the days are starting to get longer, the weather outside is still bleak. Snowfall after snowfall, it is breaking my spirit of adventure for time being. With that being said, my local watering holes have been filling in an important gap by bringing the good beer to me, rather than searching it out. One in particular started as just a 'drop off'. One can to see if you would like to order more. It has come to a point at one of my stops that the owner does not drink and usually puts it aside so I can have…

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