Wrath of the Lamb, Apocalypse Ale Works (Forest, VA)

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The argument over the best beer in Virginia is liable to give way to style or even regional preferences.  For best beer artwork?  Um, did you look at that intro banner?  Those folks at Apocalypse have the Heavy Metal side of beer down like few others.  I just wish I could afford to hire their artist to do a beer-centric mural in my basement!  All the art in the world won't do much to hide bad beer, and since these same brewers promise the "end of bad beer" right in their web address, let's take a look to see how…

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DEADBOLT, Virginia Beer Co. (Williamsburg, VA)

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It is a great thing when a plan comes together.  I have probably used that line before, but as I approach 100 beer reviews for Virginia Brew Review, things tend to come around again.  I dig Virginia Craft Beer and I also love my jam bands.  It so happened that this past weekend both came together for a beer release party at Virginia Beer Company.  Many months of planning and setting aside that day took a little bit of effort (as most of our finds and reviews are spur of the moment).  But in the end, it was well worth…

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A Way Too Early Look: The Black Squirrel (Dunn Loring, VA)

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Late last week, VBR got a sneak peek inside look at The Black Squirrel's new Dunn Loring, VA location in the Shops at the Avenir Place.  Currently completing the build out, the new location should open sometime in late May.  Amy Bowman, President of The Black Squirrel, gave me a tour as several craftsmen kept hard at work to meet their opening goal.  The downtown DC location in Adams Morgan holds a place in local craft beer lore as one of the original craft beer hot spots in the District. Their new location, mere steps from the Dunn Loring Metro…

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Pineapple Grenade, Young Veterans Brewing Co. (Virginia Beach, VA)

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With my sojourn out in Kansas I've been studying alongside the U.S. Army on tactics and doctrine.  This includes everything from the "operational art" of integrating grand strategy to unit-level decisions to how to mass forces on the decisive point of an engagement or an enemy's center of gravity.  Alongside the other Soldiers, Airmen, and Marines in the staff group I'm part of, there's quite a few craft beer aficionados, and let's just say that we've appropriately applied Clausewitzian principles of war such as economy of force, maneuver, and unity of command.  In other words, I get us to the…

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Maps are Here!!

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One of the TOP SECRET things we have been working on going into our 4th year was to have a place where all of our content is accessible in a very user friendly way.  We have also for the longest time wanted to do a map and a directory of Virginia Craft Beer establishments for people to look up places to go (and what to drink when they get there!)  Well, we figured out a way to do both at once! We're proud to introduce our Beta version of Maps.  If you look at our front page now, we have an…

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