Tartan Tent, Sunken City Brewing Co. (Hardy, VA)

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Being an ACC fan in Big 12 country doesn't draw you hostile glares so much as confused stares.  I wear my orange V-Sabres hat and gear, and have gotten guesses ranging from Villanova to Valparaiso, Vanderbilt to Vincennes.  That whole UVa/Virginia Tech distinction is lost on some folks, too, even though they have their own Kansas/Kansas St. civil war going on.  It's not until I talk about basketball do I get that little hint of recognition when the eyes dart open...but even then, the next question is, "so you're from that school that keeps losing early in the tourney?"  As…

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Cali Swag

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One of the perks of writing for this web site is that it allows me to get out and explore as much of The Commonwealth and their amazing breweries as possible. While the consensus is that the overall number of breweries is starting to flatten out after many years of exponential growth, the quality and different style of beer are still on the rise. This can be seen through the beer lists and awards in various style categories in the last 3 years. And while Virginia is one of 2 or 3 states on the East Coast making a name for…

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Haulin’ Oats, O’Connor Brewing Co. (Norfolk, VA)

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Watching my first snow and ice storm amid the Great Plains, and waiting on UVa basketball through my trusty WatchESPN app, I decided that my nascent homesickness could best be sated through - what else? - some trusty Virginia beer.  O'Connor's Steel Battalion series initially started as a series of pilot beers, and the few that caught on formed their original bomber lineup.  Though this is technically their March release, the flavors owe a lot to perking one's mood as memories of the toasty environs of John Paul Jones Arena clash with gray clouds assembling on the horizon.  And now…

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Orange Dream, Kindred Spirit Brewing (Goochland, VA)

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It is my understanding, as a fully amateur meteorologist, that if I review (and imbibe) enough warmer weather beers, that the ambient temperature will most definitely rise in the Commonwealth. Something must be off, because it is not working today... but give it time. We had a great mini trip up to Richmond this past weekend, and while we enjoyed our official brewery stops, it was the unofficial dinner stop that had one of the best beers I've had in a while. It has been well documented that I am in the Pro-Cream Ale camp for a while, and variants…

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