Woody Stout, Lost Rhino Brewing Co. (Ashburn, VA)

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With a policy of (almost) never reviewing a beer on the first pour, I spent this past Spring scouring shelves and draught lists for new and unique brews at the near total exclusion of old favorites.  When the time came, I picked up a number of bottles, cans, and growlers to help me with either packing or to make the move itself.  After all, just because I'm stuck in Kansas doesn't mean I can't drink VA beer!  Househunting out in KS allowed me to explore the kinds of flavors I would find in the local craft beer (lots of IPAs, Ambers,…

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Abbey Ale, Forge Brew Works (Lorton, VA)

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The VBR crew went on a royal tear around the NoVA and DC region during the week of the ACC Tournament in early March.  We visited new spots and old favorites at a rate of several per day, and our very first stop was back at Forge as the whole crew hadn't sampled the burgeoning "Lorton Beer Trail."  For those who don't know the Lorton/Newington area of NoVA, it includes a series of industrial parks just outside of Fort Belvoir.  Forge was first onto the scene followed about a year later by Fair Winds.  Despite being separated by barely three…

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