Hippolyta & Penthesilia, Commonwealth Brewing Company (Virginia Beach, VA)

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Christmas came early for me. I have found that one of the most difficult things about honestly reviewing beers is to throw away personal opinions on beer style. Inside info: there are some styles I absolutely love and, conversely, some that I'm just not a fan of. That is the great thing about craft beer. You can have opinions on what you love and what you don't, and build your palate around what you like. Us here at VBR try everything and keep an open mind. But I will say that I was fairly giddy when I found not one…

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Superb IPA, Alewerks Brewing Co. (Williamsburg, VA)

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When you spend a year away from home, having a few reminders of what you have to look forward to when you return is crucial.  I knew I was taking a risk to mule about 20 beers across the country and then sit on them for a few months more, but while I've had a few that didn't survive most have so far.  It being Thanksgiving, there was no way I wasn't going to snag a few off the shelf because whether or not it may appear to be a cliché, I am very thankful for how awesome Virginia beer…

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Teufelhunde, Beer Hound Brewery (Culpeper, VA)

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Devil Dog!  To salute the birthday of the United States Marine Corps, we have not one but two special reviews for you today.  Though the origins of the phrase are a bit mixed, the myth goes that when German soldiers encountered a unit of Marines in France in 1918 that upon being repulsed, they radioed back to their headquarters that they had encountered soldiers who fought like "dogs from Hell."  That name, "Teufelshunden" in proper German, was adapted alongside the traditional Leathernecks moniker and has served as motivation for hundreds of thousands of Marines for nearly a hundred years since. …

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1775, Fidelis Beer Co. (Burke, VA)

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Even with the explosion in craft breweries in NoVA in the last 5 years, we like to pretend that we know (and have been) everywhere.  So when your friends and wife forward you a map such as the one The Washingtonian put out just after the new year, you nod and smile, passing on gratitude but slyly thinking there are no surprises to be found.  That is, until a pin drops the next neighborhood over from your house and dumbfounded silence ensues.  Nonetheless, that's how I discovered Fidelis, and after following the bread crumbs to their production contract with Beltway…

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