Olde Yella, Beer Hound Brewery (Culpeper, VA)

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One of my favorite breweries from the 2015 VA Craft Brewers Fest was Beer Hound, and it was as much the "newness" of a spot I hadn't had a chance to check out as well as the welcoming attitude of their crew.  We talked bachelor parties, small town culture, and even heavy metal music before the slightest mention of beer.  I was more a fan of their Teufelhunde, which took home our runner-up for our Stretchy Pants award for most drinkable.  A full pint of their other beer from VCBF shows that you can never really trust a sip or a…

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First Look: Barrel Oak Farm Taphouse (Delaplane, VA)

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My wife and I have been frequenting Barrel Oak Winery for six or so years now, even joining their Barrel Cru winery club and stashing away bottles for (increasingly) special occasions.  First bursting onto the scene in 2007, BOW has grown about four-fold since and expanded both its facilities and offerings to include food, kids’ areas, and even a companion winery at the John Marshall estate.  It was with little surprise, then, when on a recent tasting visit the staff explained that the new bar area being added on was actually for beer.  The addition of craft beer to Barrel…

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Wit & Measure, Virginia Beer Co. (Williamsburg, VA)

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We continue our summer blitz with another Commonwealth Witbier that may be flying under your radar.  As part of my whirlwind tour these past few weeks, I made it down to visit Hamilton in my old stomping grounds in the 757.  Such a visit would not have been complete without a stop by his new favorite bromantical spot, Virginia Beer Co.  After years of planning these guys kicked off in ambitious style, and on Father's Day no fewer than 10 beers were available to try (with others having just kicked), which is insane only a few months past a grand…

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Live From The Beer Bloggers & Writers Conference! #bbc16

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Every year in the middle of our conference, we take a moment out of having a few beers, to have a few beers really quickly. It is called Live Beer Blogging, and it is the speed dating of portion of our show. What you are reading right now was done within the hour we had with 10 different beers. The beers we tried were provided by  J.J. Taylor Distributing Florida, Inc. at their warehouse in Tampa, Fl. So if you have had these beers, you should know what we are getting ourselves into. If you haven't, here are our initial impressions. Cigar…

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