2016 Virginia Brew Review Hops of Fame

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So we now conclude Virginia Brew Review's 2nd Anniversary party with the big hardware. A late night conversation now 2 years ago this week turned into a homegrown website with one mission: to find the best craft beer Virginia had to offer and let others know about it. In just 2 years, tens of thousands have viewed our site and many of them are regular followers of us on various social mediums. This is not lost on us and we thank each and every one of you for your comments and support. But before we can close out the year, we have to…

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April Showers Bring Spring Beer Festivals

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Breweries!  Kegs!  Tents!  Tables!  Food!  BEER!  All in one place!! Those are some of our favorite things, and if they're all in one place odds are it's a beer festival.  With the proliferation of craft beer has followed an explosion in beer festivals.  To be clear, that's not the same as a craft beer festival even if many of the offerings skew that way.  That's why we're here, though, to help you find the best festivals with the best bang for your buck.  Our focus will be on events hosted (and attended) by brewers, and a few select others with…

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2015-16 Beer in Review: Beers of the Year

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This week marks the 2nd Anniversary of Virginia Brew Review and we're marking the occasion once more with our yearly awards. New to the site or forgot how we did this last year? Well, we get the stockholders of VBR together, chant the sacred word to Bacchus, and then we give out some hardware. First off, we are going to announce our VBR Beers of the Year list. We looked at all the beers we (remembered) trying this past year and found the 10 most worthy for the title. It could be year round or seasonals, just started or old standards. Anything that…

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Growler Team Relay

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This is a cool event if some of y'all are runners. And since it goes between to Virginia breweries, it's right up our alley. The Growler Team Relay is a 72.4 mile running adventure from Brothers Craft Brewing in Harrisonburg to Starr Hill Brewing in Charlottesville - and back. You'll register as a team of ten or five depending on how much your team likes to run. Each leg of the route varies in distance and difficulty. Teams are responsible for providing their own car(s) and runners will transition at preset points along the course. Teams of ten will need…

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Maniacal IPA, Port City Brewing Co. (Alexandria, VA)

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The beverage managers around NoVA must despair whenever a VBR phone number hits the Caller ID.  We sure do our darnedest to plead, bribe, and cajole our way into some of the more uncommon (if not rare for the general public) releases when it comes to stocking our kegerators.  By no means are we always successful, but we at least like to think an occasional bone or favor gets thrown our way.  In terms of selection, we seem to split up styles so one house (usually mine) has the lower ABV/IBU kegs and the other features all the big IPAs,…

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Why the Devils Backbone Acquisition Was a Good Move

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It was staring us in the face all along.  Heck, it got me good, too.  See, a few weeks ago I spoke with Jason Oliver, the Brewmaster for Devils Backbone, and he spoke of upcoming employee events with a total nonchalance were anything in the works would have completely belied the gravity of those same "events."  Around now is when I was expecting to hear about the "Family Pack" and so it was with little surprise to see the "closed on April 12 for our Devils Backbone family company meeting."  What came out today took us all by surprise, though.…

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The Scarlet Letter

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Growth is a hard thing to understand sometimes. People encounter growth through numerous avenues, from physical to mental growth as you get older, to personal and business relationships later on in life. Unfortunately, there is a casualty to growth: you leave something behind. When you grow up physically, your old clothes don't fit. When you grow up mentally, your childhood teddy bear or blanket get left behind, or that dream of becoming a spaceman or racecar driver starts to fade. Even when you leave a serious relationship, there is someone with strong feelings on the other side trying to grasp…

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Following Cs Pale Ale, Fair Winds Brewing Co. (Lorton, VA)

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The keg run is one of my new favorite pastimes.  There is something so thrilling, so visceral, about initiating a quest for the ultimate sixtel (or two).  While my beer fridge is full of samples and occasional sixer, the kegs are those beers I'm choosing to snuggle up with over the coming months as well as show off to friends and guests when they go "shopping" for a brew from the home bar.  When on the keg run, I'll call ahead to the breweries and when I arrive, do a flight of the available sixtels, and use every discerning method…

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Pro Re Nata Farm Brewery (Crozet, Va)

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"As Needed" I travel a lot around the state for various reasons. Sports. Work. Sports. Friends. More Sports. And sometimes I like to enjoy a stop by a brewery to casually check up on some of the newer beers and things going on with them. I did that even before we started this website 2 years ago. Well, a funny thing happened on the way to the forum. Traveling between two well known breweries, I passed a new sight. I had heard the rumblings of this brewery from my time in Northern Virginia, as the assistant brewer was heading this…

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