Sneak Peek at Devils Backbone’s 2016 Peak Series

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It's good to be the emperor.  Or, if you're Devils Backbone, one of the hottest and fastest growing breweries in the country.  From its beginnings back in 2008 as the Devils Backbone Brewpub in Roseland, to launching its Outpost production facility near Lexington in 2012, and finally nabbing GABF's Small Brewpub, Small Brewery, and Mid-Size Brewery of the Year categories in successive years, the company's prodigious growth and accolades are matched only by its wholehearted embrace of diversity within its beer lineup.  Whereas many breweries distribute a flagship series and a few seasonals, Devils Backbone pushes out four different series,…

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Colossal V, Port City Brewing Co. (Alexandria, VA)

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We don't know how to put this, but Port City is so hot right now.  No really, they're kind of a big deal.  If you thought those were cheap tricks to get you to click on YouTube videos (which admittedly we've been guilty of on many occasions previously), then you may have missed our long chat surrounding their recent 5th anniversary celebration.  As has become their custom, the culmination of their yearly milestones is the release of the newest entry into their Colossal Series.  The Colossals are big, powerful beers that have been just as successful on the national scene…

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Friday Night Flights: BadWolf Brewing Co. (Manassas, VA)

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It's easy to drive right by BadWolf's original location on Rt. 28 in Manassas and completely miss it.  If you do, and eventually wind your way back to sit in their tasting room, you'll kick yourself for it.  That little corner they sit in fulfills so many wet dreams it should be illegal.  Got some work to do around the house this weekend?  Boom, Southern States.  Heading to the range or out on the first day of the season?  Gun shop.  Modding or ricing up your car?  There's a place for that.  And of course, beer.  Just next to BadWolf…

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Looking Back (and Forward) for Port City’s 5th Anniversary

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This past week, Port City celebrated its 5th anniversary with the release of its Colossal V, complete with a two-day party which spilled out of its tasting room, biergarten, and (newly completed) lounge into an Oktoberfest-style tent hall affixed to the loading dock.  The milestone and the new beer are significant for Port City not just as an occasion to test our livers with a big Old Ale, but also because the brewery seemingly finds itself at a crossroads; after all, if you were Port City, how do you follow up your game-changing win as the 2015 GABF Small Brewing…

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BOOM! Choc-O-Lotta, Strangeways Brewing (Richmond, VA)

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  I really enjoy my trips to The Capital, but unfortunately, I'm not able to get everywhere I really want to get to in my short allotted time. With the Richmond area booming with craft breweries, I use the opportunities that I have to sample all the new(er) beer that doesn't get out of the 804. Always on that list is Strangeways Brewing, because in a world of traditional tastings and review, I get to really break down non-traditional beers, and 'non-traditional' is modest. This brew was easily found on a Capital Ale House sheet, as the all caps, the…

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Debut #7 Double Chocolate Stout, Starr Hill Brewery (Crozet, VA)

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As it might become slightly obvious almost 2 full years into this website, I grew up close to Colonial Williamsburg. The dead give away might have been our logo, which was intentionally created with a tri-corner hat, but also from most  of my early reviews from breweries in the area or places that served Virginia beer. But I digress. Growing up, one of the restaurants in town served a dessert called 'Death By Chocolate'. It was a 7 layer behemoth with 7 'types' of chocolate decadence. Needless to say it was an item that was shared by a table of…

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What is the “ideal” craft beer experience?

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A funny thing happened on the way to the brewery.  First, someone had poor bladder control and forced us to stop because they refused to use port-a-johns.  Next, another rider complained they were hungry, and we had to hit a drive thru as no food trucks were scheduled (and that was before the baby woke up screaming for a bottle, too).  Then we realized the dog had drunk too much water, and had to stop next to a tree on the side of the winding rural road.  Finally, right as we pull up to the barn housing this farm brewery,…

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