Kerri’s Cure, Fair Winds + 19 Collaborating NoVA Brewers

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As Matt Rose, founder of Forge Brew Works has quipped more than a bit recently, "Cancer sucks.  Beer rocks."  Matt and his wife Kerri have lovingly brought Forge along over the past few years with a focus on big and bold Belgian-style beers, and as the story goes they were overjoyed to discover in the Spring of 2015 that they would be expecting their first child.  A successful young brewery, and now a baby?  It sounds like the start of a great American story, but as Kerri recounted in her heart-wrenching GoFundMe page, a few months later distress and pain…

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Citra Lemon Saison, 3 Stars Brewing Co. (Washington, DC)

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There was a time, even when I was a relative newbie when it came to all things beer, that I rejected most attempts to affix a slice or wedge of fruit to my beers (the one exception being certain Latin-style Adjunct Lagers).  For some reason it just didn't make sense to add something foreign to the beer in an attempt to enhance it - the beer should stand on its own, for whatever that may be worth.  Similar logic initially prevented me from even attempting to enjoy beers brewed with some kinds of fruit for a variety of hypocritical, short-sighted,…

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DoG Street Pub Firkin Festival (Williamsburg, VA) Wrap

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Last week we talked a little about cask beer, including the culture around the Firkin. And while we trodded through our dissertation with out too many double entendres, one thing we really wanted to do was to hit a festival and point out what makes for good 'cask' brew. Fortunately, there was one last Saturday in Williamsburg (funny how that works), and outside of a little medical emergency, we tried them all and here were some of the ones that were outstanding to us. Event: DoG Street Pub Firkin Festival Location: Williamsburg, VA (Part of the Winter Blues Jazz Festival) Date: January 16th,…

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Brew Smarts: What’s a ‘Firkin’?

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If you purvey the craft beer scene, you've seen them laying around...literally. Those mini kegs just tilted on their sides with a couple of blankets and ice packs thrown on top of them. You hear a sound that sounds like a water line break and a crowd cheering right after as if some sadistic people have a beef with the local water works authority. Then a grizzled anti-Thor holds up a wooden hammer proclaiming good times for everyone. The first time I saw that, I immediately went back…

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Winter Pecan Porter, O’Connor Brewing Company (Norfolk, VA)

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Happy New Year from the southern most contingency of Virginia Brew Review.  I know we are about a week and a half into the year and I'm just getting around to review #1, but I spent the last couple of weeks reviewing some of the things we did and didn't do in 2015. The hardest thing as a still young site and with few personnel is to try to paint a complete picture of the Virginia Craft Beer scene. It is easy to us to sit back and review the breweries and beers that are close to us, but getting…

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Reissue: Ella, Ocelot Brewing Company (Sterling, VA)

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Have you ever made a brewery visit looking for one beer in particular, and ended up departing with some new favorites?  I like to imagine most visits wind up that way, but frequent appearances at your favorite establishments don't leave a whole lot of mystery after a while.  On this occasion it was only my second visit to Ocelot (and the first had been quite rushed), and I was on the prowl for new sixtels just ahead of New Year's Eve, and with potentially one more brewery stop on the way home I wasn't under any undue pressure to leave…

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Barrel & Bushel (Tysons Corner, VA)

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There are all sorts of clichés about how hard it is to have kids and have a real life.  At times the feeling I get is that people want to hear the worst stories we have about raising our "two under 2," aka our Irish Twins.  You know, the screaming, the tantrums, the "esplosions" in the diapers, lack of sleep, etc. and even more etc.  To me, that misses the point on a lot of the fun stuff, in particular watching them grow up and learn to explore around them.  Our youngest has been taking (ahem) baby steps for a…

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