Virginia Craft Brewers Fest: The VBR Awards

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Did we have a fun time or what? For us it was a 7am wake up call to drive across the state from Hampton Roads and Northern Virginia to meet up in Charlottesville, carb up some, and head down to Devil's Backbone Basecamp for an exciting afternoon of drinking beer and meeting new people. To everyone we got to talk to, from brewers, reps, and patrons, thank you for indulging us, especially as the day went on. To everybody else (which was…

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End of the Line Kölsch, Caboose Brewing (Vienna, VA)

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I finished middle school and went to high school in Vienna.  At the time, it was ranked as one of the top places to live in the entire country.  Frankly, I never saw it that way.  There were positives, such as the Vienna Inn, and maybe if you wanted to hedge on a local chain such as Anita's or Joe's you could get away with it.  But seriously, the best restaurant is an Outback and the real claim to fame is one of the original Whole Foods stores.  Hell, I worked at that Outback knowing friends would come to visit.  In…

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Ghost White IPA, 3 Stars Brewing (Washington, DC)

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We don't drink beer because it simply tastes okay, or because it invokes a particular "meh" feeling.  Beer is supposed to be delicious outside of whatever mood-enhancing effects its ingredients may have.  Some beer isn't, and sadly many people drink it anyways.  Some beer goes beyond the norm, and even more sadly not many people drink enough of it.  We're here to tell you about that second kind of beer, the one that's great but maybe flies under the radar a bit - to discover, explore, and venture out a bit.  Personally, it's why I generally have a policy of…

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We Survived the DC Beer Week Scavenger Hunt!

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What better way to spend a cloudless, 90-degree Sunday than waltzing around the city deciphering obscure clues to discover new beers?  As soon as Ben and I saw that DC Beer Week was hosting a scavenger hunt in Dupont, one of the iconic Washington, DC neighborhoods, we were basically all in.  After calling in some serious brownie points to keep the babies and wives occupied for most of a full day, we registered as All Hopped Up, settled on UVa football jerseys for our costume/uniform (why, you ask?  'cuz we're hopeless, but not hopless!) and sauntered downtown for a few…

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Secret Admirer, AleWerks Brewing Company (Williamsburg, VA)

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I'm not easily impressed. Whilst most of you that read these reviews might have the notion that I like every beer made in the Commonwealth, it's not true. First, every brewery has their ups and downs, with the more popular ones having more of the former. Second, tastes are subjective, and that is the most humbling part about writing beer reviews. Just because we look at something or don't look at something does not mean it does not have merit & enjoyed by many people. It reminds me of my days of sports blogging and reading player reviews. Some 5-star recruits…

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Virginia Craft Beer Month: Beer Festivals 101

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  Next weekend is the cataclysmic event known as the Virginia Craft Brewers Fest. Breweries from all over the state converge on Devil's Backbone Basecamp to show off their wares and try to take home a little hardware for themselves.  It is one of the largest festivals in the state and unofficially marks the end of the summer beer festival lineup. This seems like the perfect time to dust off one of our first articles that we wrote back in April of 2014 called 'Dr. Brewlove, Or How…

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An Evening with Three Notch’d and Spacebar

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One of the most exciting weeks of the year if you're a NOVA resident is DC Beer Week.  Over the past few iterations, their scope has expanded to include all manner of events from tap takeovers and food pairings to beer cruises, taste offs, and scavenger hunts (the latter of which we'll be covering this year!)  At VBR, one of our favorite elements has been the ability to interact with a host of brewers in what is at times an intimate setting, as we did with Devils Backbone, Forge, Mad Fox, and others last year.  This year DC Beer Week…

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Tidewatermelon Wheat, Back Bay Brewing Company (Virginia Beach, Va)

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Sometimes good beer is hard to find. Other times, it falls into your lap. This review starts off with a story of two worlds colliding. No, this isn't an INXS song, but a matter of my adulting life and my writing life intersecting. Having been out of the state for a while, I have not had the usual stream of Virginia beer come my way in a little while. I also don't like to write reviews from beer festivals or brewery tours unless I set out to try something, and it is very, very early in the day. So with…

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Virginia Craft Beer Month: IPA Day

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We've had a heck of a run in July with a ton of travel, an exciting Beer Bloggers Conference in North Carolina, and side trips up through Maryland and Pennsylvania. But now we are home. And there is no better month to stay in The Commonwealth than August. This is Virginia Craft Beer Month and if you are here, there are events all around celebrating the best in craft beer. We started our VCBM in Williamsburg at Whistle Belly, and by the reaction from several breweries and fans over on our Facebook page, we all had a great time. Of…

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