The Vienna Inn (Vienna, VA)

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17. No, that's not the answer to an off-kilter question on life, the universe, and everything, but rather the number of years I've been going to the Vienna Inn.  For longer than most of us on this site have been alive (55 years and counting, that is), the Inn has been the only thing approaching a true watering hole within miles of Vienna, a status it maintained until the recent revitalization projects alongside adjacent Church St.  While many of the newer establishments should be lauded for helping save this moribund town from the clutches of commuter, strip mall, and franchise chain Hell,…

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Is Virginia Ready For a ‘Beer Campus’?

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It was an awkward look on the young Enterprise Rent-A-Car lady's face. As she was going through her standard, boiler-plate questions, she asked where we were going. "Oh, just out seeing Central California." "Awesome. You guys big wine drinkers? Going to Sonoma and Napa?" "Actually, going past them to Santa Rosa and Petaluma. There are a couple breweries out there." Nine-thirty in the morning and it was already more than that poor girl could take. Who would drive 2.5 hours each way, PAST the two most sought after wine regions in…

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#BBC15 Roundup: Ferris Bueller Edition

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"I asked for a car, I got a computer. How's that for being born under a bad sign?" It's a typical writing night for me. The little lady is already asleep with the cat trying to monopolize the remaining area between her and myself.  TV is on a movie I've seen so that I really don't need to watch, but I can drop a quote or two while editing.  But this one article was a little different but reminiscent. After having one of the most unique experiences in my writing pseudo-career, I was thinking on how to wrap all of it up…

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Live Beer Blogging from #BBC15

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We have had an amazing time here at the Beer Bloggers & Writers Conference from our trip to Raleigh on Thursday touring several breweries, to Friday night's insane event at Sierra Nevada, to Kim Jordan, CEO of New Belgium, giving the keynote address a little earlier today. All of that we will wrap up later on, but for now we are ready to engage in a little bit of live blogging. I know that things on this website aren't really coming through 'live', but this was posted the second this event ended. The North Carolina Brewers Guild brought a bunch…

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Nuclear Nugget Imperial Honey IPA, Lickinghole Creek (Goochland, VA)

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A session beer this is not.  The first clue is the bomber, the second the brewer.  If you also get past the radiating hops, imperial designation, and ABV/IBU attributes without realizing this, then you're in for quite the surprise.  We're quite fond of Lickinghole Creek (LCCB) around here, but even then this elicited a "whoa..." at the dinner table.  Much of what we love about these guys has to do with the immense amount of flavor they coax out of their lineup.  That's before getting into the flavor experimentation itself, which tends to be right out in front of the…

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Still Upside Down APA, Ocelot Brewing Co. (Sterling, VA)

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We're entering something of a Golden Age for craft beer up here in NOVA.  It feels as though a new brewery (or brewpub) is opening up just about every month this year, leaving one almost exhausted in trying to juggle experimenting with the new places while keeping up with favorite haunts.  And it's not as though the new joints are all clustered in one little industrial park or neighborhood; they're scattered throughout the copious zip codes, towns, and counties all the way from DC to West Virginia, Charlottesville, and Richmond.  Into this fray steps Ocelot, which has been cranking out…

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Friday Night Flights: Caboose Brewing Co. (Vienna, VA)

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So there I'm sitting at a nearby establishment gathering pictures and quotes for another feature.  Then my wife, who is somewhere in the "smile and nod" phase of my VBR authorship, sends me a link with a simple, "have you heard of this?" attached.  I mean, I'm sitting in Vienna and get informed that a new brewery/gastropub has coincidentally opened just days before, and only two blocks away?  Does she really expect that I'll just saunter home at that point, give her a hug and a peck on the cheek, and whisper thanks?  I was halfway out the door before…

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Track 1 Amber Lager, Roanoke Railhouse Brewery (Roanoke, VA)

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When was the last time you rode a train?  Not the Metro or another form of subway, but an actual above ground train?  With the clanking wheels, groaning track bed, and the veritable bells and whistles?  It's probably been a while, I imagine, and that may have something to do with one of the several breweries in VA which either began in or have hitched their wagons to local rail stations.  This particular brewery is Roanoke Railhouse, which began back in the Craft Beer Dark Days of 2009.  No, they may not be well known, but I was delighted to…

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Maggie Maibock, Blue Mountain Brewery (Afton, VA)

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While we are gearing up for the big conference next week, we'd like to slip a review in here. In our ever expanding library of review, we noticed that we have never reviewed a Maibock. These transitional season beers are usually at the forefront for us in the fall, cause we are all suckers for Marzens, but Maibocks (literally meaning 'May Bocks') somehow have fallen through the cracks. The traditional Bavarian spring beverages are a little harder to make as it requires the first pull of malts and hops of the season, which produces a slighter greener and lighter taste…

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VBR at the Beer Bloggers & Writers Conference #BBC15

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We'd like to take a little time out from our regularly scheduled program to talk about what we have coming up. We love to write about Virginia and we love to write about beer. The process is fun and exciting, but we always strive to be better. And there are two ways we can achieve that. First is that we can try beer outside of Virginia. We are humble enough to understand what the beer culture is throughout the entire United States and the world. It gives us perspective on the levels of quality and trends in beer styles and…

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