Bitter Valentine, AleWerks Brewing Company (Williamsburg, VA)

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Finally back from vacation where I got to play in the (mostly) sunny state of Florida. And while the highlight was rubbing noses with Mickey Mouse, I did learn a lot about Florida beer down there. If you didn't know, Florida has a great craft beer scene, but because of some hard hitting lobbyist, they have some of the worst distribution/sales laws in the country. You don't/won't see a lot of Florida beers in Virginia, but when a case or 2 sneaks out of the Sunshine State, there are some distinct characteristics. 1. Every saison, hefe, and wit is orange-heavy.…

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Road Trip Report: STL (St. Louis, MO)

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Although we're focused on VA beer, that doesn't mean our day jobs don't send us on business trips, our friends don't schedule destination weddings, or we exclusively make use of the "staycation" principle.  For my own job, I've spent the equivalent of a week in St. Louis over two different trips recently, and before the first jaunt a co-worker who lives out there was extolling the breadth of STL brewing to which my only thought was, "wait, they have more than Schlafly and Budweiser?"  I then made it my mission to get around to as many of the breweries as…

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Cooking with BEER: Lost Rhino Kolsch and Port City Optimal Wit

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For Christmas my wife got a lot of fancy attachments for her KitchenAid, as well as one of those automatic breadmakers.  Imagine her surprise, then, when out of the blue one day I say I'm going to bake some bread as well...and don't want any of her gadgets. The inspiration to cook some beer bread was fairly evident in all the odors of yeast, butter, and flour emanating from our kitchen these past few months.  This is also an insanely simple recipe for a versatile kind of bread that's great just to munch on, toast up as croutons, or dip…

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Event: Kiss My Cask Real Ale Festival, Back Bay Brewing Company (Virginia Beach, VA)

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A tiny warm and dry respite in the Commonwealth this past weekend lined up perfectly with the Kiss My Cask Beer Festival hosted by Back Bay Brewing Company. 18 different breweries from the area showed off their specialty cask skills and some old favorites mixed it up with some new blood in the competition for the best at the festival. Here's what we took away from it.   Event: Kiss My Cask Real Ale Festival Location: Back Bay Brewing Company, Virginia Beach, VA Date: March 7, 2015, 2-9pm Cost: $22 for tasting of the casks and voting rights. Included: 4oz tasting glass and 1…

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We Went There: Quattro Goomba’s Brewery, Aldie, VA – @QuattroGoombas

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During a wine run this weekend, our timelines got messed faster than a perm on a muggy day.  With a standing invitation to join some friends at one winery, and the need to pick up a wine shipment at another vineyard about 15 miles apart, we decided to forego a tasting at the pick-up and head straight to meet our friends.  Our destination was a winery called Quattro Goomba's which we'd never heard of before - not surprising given most of our wine comes from the Delaplane and Purcellville areas.  Imagine my genuine surprise, however, to see a handwritten sign…

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Imperial Stout, St. George’s Brewing Co. (Hampton, VA)

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It is college basketball season, and while my team is doing very well this year, it is also the time of year where I start watching my favorite basketball movie of all time 'Air Bud'. Just kidding. It is 'Hoosiers'. I don't get choked up at movies at all, but the scene where they are in the locker room and the preacher starts reading 'David and Goliath' really shakes me. And who doesn't love an underdog? This is kind of the way I feel about St. George's in Hampton. As the crow flies, it is the closest Virginia brewery to…

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