30 “New Beer” Resolutions for my 30th!

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Why does everyone make New Year's resolutions?  Don't they realize that everyone else has resolved to lose all that winter weight and the gyms will be crowded?  Don't they realize that the grass smoothies are sold out because everyone else is on the same cleanse?  Don't they realize that most resolutions just aren't very fun?  They require - ahem - resolve. So this year I'm making some "New Beer" resolutions.  And since I happen to turn 30 today, here are 30 resolutions for my 2015 beer tasting slate: New Breweries, New Beer! For a lot of my brewery runs I've…

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BR: Oatlands, Corcoran Brewing Company (Purcellville, VA) @CorcoranBrew

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One of my favorite parts about visiting small breweries that don't have wide distribution is that mythical "diamond in the rough."  I've known about Corcoran for a very long time, and their Irish Red is the very first growler that I ever purchased.  We typically go out to Purcellville for the wineries, but with the addition of Adroit Theory, Flying Dog, and a few other stops having just opened or on the way, the last stop in Virginia before hitting the "West" portion is looking to stake its own claim on the VA beer map apart from Leesburg.  Having fond…

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