A first look at @PortCityBrew Anniversary Week

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Wow.  Four years already?  Port City has certainly had plenty to celebrate, and many of their legions of fans turned out last night for the first of many events for their anniversary week.  We shamelessly sacrificed our evening to check out the festivities, which included a release of COLOSSAL IV, their new Belgian Quad. Although the release party was going on late into the night, I was in there moments after the pineapple graced the outdoor sign.  Go figure, it's 3:02 and I'm already clinging to the last seat!  By 3:15 the tasting room hit standing room capacity, though thankfully…

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BR: Evil 8 Degrees, Blue Mountain Brewery (Afton, Va.)

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I have a confession to make. I have been straying from the Virginia Beers as of recently. It's not to the fact that I haven't liked anything that the Great Commonwealth has put out, it's just been more about opportunity. Between the festivals and the ability to get out there, I haven't found anything new. Well that all stopped this past weekend when I was able to get my hands on a very interesting Dubbel seasonal release from Blue Mountain. And as far as experiences go, it was one that was unexpected and that was thoroughly enjoyable. Evil 8 Degrees,…

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Friday Night Flights: Choosing a new keg with @LostRhino

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Among my New Beer Resolutions were that I was going to get a bit further outside the I-95/495 Beltway which defines "NOVA" as there are some damn fine breweries catching on out there - I defined the Route 28 corridor as linking two hot spots in Ashburn and Manassas, and vowed to get some reviews done out there...including bringing home a few sixtels for the new kegerator.  Well, one of the places I wanted to bring a keg home from is Lost Rhino, so even though they didn't have the one I specifically wanted (Final Glide Hefeweizen) I was going…

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BR: Essential Pale Ale, Port City Brewing Co. (Alexandria, VA) @PortCityBrew

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"Essential."  That about describes this one correctly.  As Port City steamrolls towards its 4th anniversary celebration (and don't worry, we'll have you covered for that next week!) I wanted to take the occasion to knock out the first of the kegs in my new kegerator.  Anything for an excuse to throw a few back, right?  Here's the thing, though:  without beers like this, many of us wouldn't have developed an appreciation for American-style microbrews (read: hop-forward).  So let's take a few sips and see where this adventure takes us... Essential Pale Ale, Port City Brewing Company (Alexandria, VA) - @PortCityBrew American Pale…

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Brewpub: Mad Fox Brewing Company (Falls Church, VA) – @MadFoxBrewing

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Back in 2011 my then fiancée and I were living in an apartment in Ballston, a neighborhood of Arlington, VA.  We could walk to everything, and I had the unfortunate choice between a 20 minute bus ride or a 5 minute drive to work.  In trying to convince her to move to a place where we could, you know, afford more than a closet when we decided to buy a home coinciding with the wedding, we had to negotiate a few things.  She cared about "walkability," Metro, and other European eccentricities, to which the only part I shared was the…

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Event: Big Bold Beer Fest, #3BF (Williamsburg, VA)

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The #3BF might have been held on a street named after a Duke, but it was a party fit for a king. A lot of hype (including some posted by yours truly) led up to last Saturday's Big Bold Beer Fest at DoG Street Pub, and with good reason. The beer list they trotted out was and is unrivaled with anything else I have seen in over a decade. And while the overall format was a little different that normal, no one left disappointed. Event: Big Bold Beer Fest (#3BF) Location: DoG Street Pub, Williamsburg, VA Date: January 17, 2015 11:30am-4:00pm Cost:…

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BR: Carmelite Wheat, Mully’s Brewery (Prince Frederick, MD) @MullysBrewery

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I mentioned in my last post that I like Wits and Weizens because they're the sort of beer which won't put you to sleep, fill you up, or wreck your taste buds for the next hour (or several).  That doesn't mean that your wheat- and yeast-centric brews are all the same - far from it!  A lot of American microbrewers have been experimenting with Wheat Ales in particular, which is why you're seeing "Pale Wheat Ale" or "White IPA" springing up every which way.  What typically separates these European styles from their crosspond hybrid brethren are the strict brewing conditions…

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BR: Winter White, Legend Brewing Co. (Richmond, VA) @LegendBrewingCo

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Winter.  Warmer.  Kind of an oxymoron, isn't it?  As creates of contradiction, though, we like hot food in the winter and cold food in the summer.  We like cold weather so we can wear more layers to feel warm, and hot weather so we can wear fewer layers to feel cool.  Maybe we're idiots, or maybe there's just a little method behind this madness.  The issue I take with most winter styles, though, is that they're simply too heavy and, typically, too high of an ABV to do anything more than sit and sip slowly (plus, they're harder to pair…

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The Big Bold Beer Fest (#3BF) Primer, Williamsburg, VA

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Welcome to 2015! And while my esteemed colleague has been putting together some really cool articles the past few weeks, I've be a little absent. Welp, that all ends this week. And what better way to get back into the swing of things than, without question, one of the most interesting and anticipated Festivals I've seen in a dozen years. The Big Bold Beer Fest, or #3BF as it is being lauded, can only be described as a lineup loaded with high end variety, from the rare to the ultra rare beers, to vertical tastings, to just the plain 'Holy…

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BR: Oak Aged Revolution, Heritage Brewing Co. (Manassas, VA) @HeritageBrews

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For my New Beer Resolutions, I said I wanted to spend more time with some of the beers a little further from my comfort zone (Mad Fox, Capitol City, Port City, and Forge are all within 15 minutes to give you an idea).  While it's a little too soon to make some of the brewery trips, I did cheat a little bit and picked up some bombers and other hard-to-finds earlier and stocked them away for a good, say, turning 30 and watching the Cowboys in the playoffs...or cooking a bacon explosion.  Oh, never heard of the bacon explosion?…

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