Cooking with BEER: Devils Backbone Eight Point IPA

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Raise your hands if you consider yourself a good cook! *crickets* Ok, so maybe this isn't the best crowd with which to share recipes.  Maybe you just like to marinate chunks of flesh overnight, then grill it until it's dead a second time.  Or maybe they know you by name at the takeout counter (as well as which dishes you eat which nights of the week, and when you're home from work...)  Or maybe - just maybe - you can't be bothered to try.  If that's you, I'm here to help! I don't think that I'm a chef by any…

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Giving the Gift of Beer!

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What can you do for a friend, relative, or significant other to surprise them after you've watched them spend tireless hours scanning store shelves, trekking into the hinterlands, or cackling maniacally over a frothing pot in search of great beer? Well, you can be my awesome wife, for starters.  Before I get into a rundown of some great beer gift ideas for the last minute shopper, let me tell you just how she surprised the living daylights out of me a few weeks back.  As has been hinted in other posts, we've had a lot going on which is why…

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BR: Marley’s Lament, Alewerks Brewing Company (Williamsburg, VA) @Alewerks

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'Twas the week before Christmas, winter grew near The work week was over, I needed a beer; The kegs were placed in the cooler with care, In hopes that Hammy soon would be there; The bottles were nestled all snug on the shelf; Like a suburbanite home, and Kegel the Elf; And Chelle in her 'kerchief, and I looking neat, Hit DoG Street pub, for some ale and some meat, When out in the back there arose such a clatter, I sprang from my booth to see what was the matter. Away to the bar I flew very fleet, Pulled…

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Friday Night Flights: Kilroys was the place (Springfield, VA)

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Among other milestones, my wife and I moved recently from just inside the Beltway to maybe 4 lights outside of it.  The difference?  For around the same price, nearly 1,200 square feet more!  The big shock really came from being a lazy stroll from downtown Falls Church to being smack in the middle of the 'burbs.  Gone are the faux town centers and "historic" districts, all replaced by strip malls, nonsensical traffic intersections, and school buses.  While we were picking out new neighborhoods one of my factors was proximity to a decent pub/sports bar.  Shocking, right?  No, not my hatred…

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BR: Raven’s Roost, Parkway Brewing Company (Salem, VA)

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I'm not much of a reader. It might come shocking to you that someone who enjoying writing so much is not an avid reader (and this isn't my first site either). I just never got into it. Part of the reason I became an engineer was that I didn't have to read as much, or at least not as much as my English/History major sister. But I had to do a little research into this next beer as I tried to begin to review. We've all had good beer of varying styles and, on occasion, not really knew (1) what…

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BR: The Tradition, DC Brau Brewing Company (Washington, DC) @dcbrau

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Special release or "dedicated" beers are fun.  They're more fun when they're for organizations in which you have a vested interest.  They're most fun when their whole point in existing is to get you lathered up to scream obscenities, sing obscure songs, and issue disrespectful commentary towards grown men's mothers for two solid hours.  Yes, football beer.  Insulted by my calling the beautiful game that?  Would you rather:  fútbol, fußball, footie, kura al-qadm?  Beers which are easily associated with football clubs aren't exactly hard to find (ahem, Newcastle?) unless you happen to call football soccer, in which case we might…

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BR: False Cape Ale, Back Bay Brewing Company (Virginia Beach, VA)

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Recently, I had a very lengthy conversation with a fellow suds aficionado about life, love, and hops. One of his last questions to me was 'Do you have a favor type of beer?' And while I believe I gave him a convoluted and long winded 'no', the question still resounds weeks later. So I though back to my first experiences with beer. No, not the sneaking one house as a teen or scraping quarters together for a college party beer, but real beer. What qualities did you really enjoy about it? I then realized that Ambers were my first love. I could never really…

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We Went There: Three Notch’d and Champion, Charlottesville, VA – @ThreeNotchdBeer @championbeer

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Ever try to jot down some tasting notes when you're on your 15th beer?  No, not 15th pint.  This isn't Poland, and we're driving.  Even with 2- or 4-oz. tasting glasses, after a while the beer appears to meld together a little bit.  For the last home game of the season, another night game, we all met in Charlottesville to make a round of the breweries.  As the supposed DD, it was my job to watch the others make fools of themselves and not go crazy on the tastings.  Little did I know... We Went There:  Three Notch'd Brewing Company,…

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BR: Gentleman Farmer, Lickinghole Creek Craft Brewery (Goochland, VA) @LCCB_FarmBrews

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How much did you eat for Thanksgiving?  Were your food and beverages enough to be thankful for on their own?  On my last post I mentioned how much things have rocked for us these past few months (an unmentioned part of that being this blog, which I'll highlight in some upcoming features), but I'm still giving thanks to the 4-rib, 10.5 pound standing rib roast which I totally owned that day.  And am still eating 10 days later: With such culinary mastery, you'd better not skimp on what you're drinking.  Every so often I'll make a bomber run for "important"…

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BR: Gingerbread Stout, Hardywood Park Craft Brewery (Richmond, VA)

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This is the last beer in our December Stout series, and boy is it a big one. Trying to be objective with the buzz around this beer was next to impossible, as was trying to find it right away. Not being from the Richmond area, and not having the time to wait in that massive line on release day, we were able to track it down a month later around Charlottesville. And, like the few before, it was as good as advertised. Gingerbread Stout, Hardywood Park Craft Brewery (Richmond, VA) Imperial Milk Stout, ABV: 9.2% Presentation: Like the few stout before, I…

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