BR: RVA IPA, Hardywood Park Craft Brewery (Richmond, VA) @Hardywood

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There's so much to be thankful for.  For me, personally, it's finishing grad school, having a little baby due next month, getting a promotion, and feeling settled in a brand new house.  On this particular site, we're thankful for good beer first and foremost.  On this particular day I switched back and forth between beer and wine, but ultimately ended up with something from Hardywood as my sister as was talking about trying to move down to RVA.  Therefore, I thought it only appropriate to talk about the RVA IPA, which is a fairly delightful concoction for which we can…

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BR: Über Pils, Blue Mountain Barrel House (Arrington, VA) @BlueMtnBrewery

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Hamilton has already complained about how hard it is to get people on board with Pilsners.  Well, genius, they're dry, more bitter than the IBU would suggest, and a hybrid originating from a country which REALLY doesn't want you to experiment with bier.  Thankfully, though, we live in 'murikah, and our brewers can do whatsoever they want. Okay, let's start with something that may not be obvious.  This isn't quite Blue Mountain Brewery, the lead spot on the Brew Ridge Trail up in Afton.  Their sister operation the Barrel House focuses on barrel-aged creations such as the Dark Hollow Imperial…

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November Festival Round-Up

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I've been debating how to go about this, as the first two weekends of November found me outdoors freezing my butt off to try a bunch of beer.  On the one hand, I had a generally miserable time.  On the other, part of that is me being a dumbass and forgetting to wear a coat when there are flurries outside. So whatever I may have felt about food, prices, weather, location, parking, or any of a hundred things which make me cranky, what's undeniable is these two establishments went out of their way to find rare beers and bring them…

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BR: Shakedown Imperial Chocolate Cherry Stout, Starr Hill Brewery (Crozet, VA)

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If the sub freezing temperatures last weekend weren't indication enough that winter is here in The Commonwealth, then the snow in and around Thanksgiving should do it. Yes it is winter is here and on the VBR tour of Charlottesville this weekend, we had plenty of 'winter appropriate' beers that we will be reviewing, including some of the most talked about ones from Virginia. First up was another great creation from Starr Hill that showed off this breweries range. Shakedown Imperial Chocolate Cherry Stout, Starr Hill Bewery (Crozet, VA) Stout, ABV: 8.0% Presentation: 22 oz bottle pour into cup for notes,…

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Tailgate Throwdown: Go Big or Go Home, Miami vs. UVa, 11/22/14 – @CampWahoo

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It was cold.  Like, frak it was cold.  But it was also the last home game of the year, the last tailgate of the year...the last throwdown of the year.  Our beloved 'Hoos desperately needed a win to keep their bowl hopes alive, and we desperately needed to stay warm.  There are some very large beers in this lineup, but on a day when I chose to voluntarily drink some Bell's Winter White Ale at room temperature to stave off hypothermia, they were needed.  We got so swept up in the whole day that I didn't get around to finding…

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Friday Night Flights: (Un)usual Suspects with @PortCityBrewing (Alexandria, VA)

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I'd like to start out this post by thanking Hamilton.  This is a toast to all the insomnia-filled debates, screams of "I KNOW!!!" and peer pressure.  Yes, peer pressure.  You see, Hamilton as the founder of this little site keeps a legion of monkeys attempting to write Shakespeare.  I first introduced the Friday Night Flights concept as a side project to allow me to revisit some familiar (and new) haunts under a different premise - no reviews, just "hey, here's what's new and worth checking out."  Sometimes it could lead to a follow-up review or feature, but it's also a…

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BR: The Man-euver, Mad Fox Brewing Company (Falls Church, VA) @MadFoxBrewing

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So.  I used to live within walking distance of Mad Fox.  I did flights, progressives, beer festivals, brunches, lunches, dinners, happy hours, even fantasy football drafts in their gargantuan facility.  And yes, they thought the draft was really cool and let us post the draft board on the windows.  After a while, Ben moved a few streets up, so now you must be asking yourself, "how the heck have they not reviewed anything from Mad Fox yet??"  Well, it's that old sin where when you've got something in your backyard you take it for granted.  But then a few months…

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BR: Pils, Hardywood Park Craft Brewery (Richmond, VA)

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It's kind of hard to get people on board with Pilsner. Too many craft beer drinkers see the word and want to associate it with the macrobreweries and don't want to even spend a nickel on them. The problem with that is there has been a surge this year, or at least a surge to me, of Virginia Breweries getting behind the German Style Pilsners by brewing them the right way with quality 'craft' ingredients. Even then, it is tough to shake public expectation of what a good pilsner should taste like or getting them to commit to one that…

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BW: Smartmouth Brewing Company (Norfolk, VA)

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"What's your beer say about you" It was supposed to be a simple trip down to Norfolk. A few friends and a recently married couple decided to head to the mall to return some wedding gifts. Understanding that process, I went because (1) I know how much of a pain it was, (2) the groom wanted an exit strategy for when (3) the bride wanted to continue shopping. When we got there, it was the bride who wanted to head over to Smartmouth and the groom who was looking at new espresso machines before my buddy and I pulled him away from that…

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BR: Kilt Flasher, Devil’s Backbone Brewing Co. (Lexington, VA)

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You get one bad day of weather and you pay for it all week. What I thought was just a just a seasonal adjustment to the dreary weather from Halloween weekend (or the aftermath of Halloween itself) turned out to be a full blown cold. And while the sleeping patterns have been all over the place, it is as good as time as any to churn out a review. Part of the weekend was spent on Saturday at a friends place, coincidentally, the same place as the previous night's activities. And it was the first bad weather day of the…

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