We Went There: C’Ville-ian Brewing Company, Charlottesville, VA – @CvilleBrewCo

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It can be hard to issue a review of a brewery for several different reasons.  If the brewer doesn't rely on a steady stream of staples, or has recently changed, then you don't really have a baseline point in time to compare your experience to that of anyone reading the review.  A great example of that is a place like Mad Fox in Falls Church, which although I get there quite frequently almost always has at least half of the menu changed (both for food and drink).  There are 3-4 staples, to be sure, but your experience there in the…

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Tailgate Throwdown: Hunka Hunka Burnin’ Pumpkin, UNC vs. UVa, 10/25/14 – @CampWahoo

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The Oldest Rivalry in the South.  One of the hottest trends in seasonals.  The last tailgate before Halloween.  Of all those milestones, only the last one made any sense.  A great thing about the others being true, though, is that a lot of area breweries are putting out pumpkin beers left and right - sometimes more than one from the same brewer!  With it also being Homecomings at UVa, we also had quite a crowd on hand at the tailgate.  I had more suggestions on the pre-gameday Facebook feed than I had slots in my six pack, though, but judging…

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BR: The Seaward, Forge Brew Works (Lorton, VA) @ForgeBrewWorks

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A few weeks back I decided to drop by Forge Brew Works to meet a co-worker for a quick flight for Friday happy hour - the birth of Friday Night Flights!  My focus then had been on some of the heavier beers in their arsenal - imperials, doubles, and stouts - and I came away surprised at some of the flavor profiles.  Of my two recommendations, I brought home a growler of The Seaward, so let's talk about it a bit more, shall we? The Seaward, Forge Brew Works (Lorton, VA) - @ForgeBrewWorks Double IPA, ABV 10.2% Presentation:  Growler pour…

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BR: R.I.P Ale, Legend Brewery (Richmond, VA) & Lost Rhino (Ashburn, VA)

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What a great way to kick off Halloween week than a beer that pays homage to an urban legend. Not being from the Northern Virginia area, I had to do a little research about the infamous NoVa Bunny Man. This was one myth that was created back in the 70s from 2 accounts of someone dressed in a bunny costume that attacked people with a hatchet or an axe, depending on what story you want to believe. The legend has grown since then and it was the inspiration for this collaboration between these two Central Virginia breweries. And it is…

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Craft Beer: Hampton Roads Style

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(This post was written for Rose & Womble Reality focusing on breweries in the Hampton Roads Region) Welcome to Hampton Roads. If you have just moved here and are busy unpacking boxes, congratulations! Why not celebrate with a beer? If you are thinking about moving here and are searching for houses, that can be exhausting as well. Why not stop for a beer? You really don’t need a reason to stop and enjoy a beer. The Commonwealth of Virginia and Hampton Roads have been brewing beer dating back to the first colonies in and around Williamsburg, but the local craft…

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BR: Dear Old Mum, Alewerks Brewing Company (Williamsburg, VA)

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We interrupt this pumpkin beer fest to bring you an important message. Just cause you are in the midst of putting together your Halloween costumes, doesn't mean you HAVE to only be drinking one style of beer. I know the stores have been overloaded since before Labor day with those yammy concoctions, there are other beers out there that still have the festive vibe to them. Even ones that will carry over past this month into the Thanksgiving and Christmas season, which apparently run concurrent now. If you have been 'gourding' yourself lately and need a break, might I suggest this…

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BR: Dogtoberfest, Flying Dog Brewery – @FlyingDog (Frederick, MD)

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What, Maryland?  Isn't this Virginia Brew Review?  Why did we trek all the way up to...oh, Hamilton broke this seal months back, also with Flying Dog?  I happen to think that Flying Dog is the best brewery (that I've tried) in Maryland, so I'm actually happy to get to feature them among all the Oktoberfests I've been imbibing over the past month.  They're also perhaps the one brewery tour I feel most compelled to make.  Nothing cheeky to this review, just a darn fine brew worthy of your notice. Dogtoberfest, Flying Dog Brewery - @FlyingDog (Frederick, MD) Märzen, ABV 5.6%,…

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WH: Wild Wing Café – @WWCCville (Charlottesville, VA)

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What was your first wing joint?  Was it a hole in the wall serving three flavors:  hot, day old hot, and forgot the sauce?  Was it a sports bar that did a weekly wing special?  Was it a national chain?  Or was it a place that somehow "felt" local, but later turned out wasn't? Your first wing joint isn't always your first watering hole, but wing joints - general - make exceptional watering holes.  And while Charlottesville has not always had a thriving beer scene (even with Starr Hill, Michael's Bistro, and South Street, who came to C'ville for beer?)…

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Tailgate Throwdown: Krispy Kölschs, Pitt vs. UVa, 10/4/14 – @CampWahoo

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There's little point to having a throwdown if you can't have a beer theme that allows for actual competition.  And tying that theme to a competitor from another state?  Increased difficulty.  When that state is Pennsylvania, and the city is Pittsburgh, whose flagship beer is...Iron City??  Whoa.  Luckily the Keystone State does have one major item going for it - lots of German heritage.  And among the first beers I'd ever had from there (and the first canned craft beer I ever tried) was Lancaster Brewing's Kölsch.  Inspiration having been struck, now we had ourselves an interstate intramural! Tailgate Throwdown: …

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Friday Night Flights: (Mostly) Imperials with @ForgeBrewWorks (Lorton, VA)

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First, I should mention that I'm terrified of flying.  Taking off, landing, turbulence, deviations in engine noise...  I'll never see the movie Flight, and don't travel for work.  I'm the guy you don't want to sit next to for 6 hours.  So imagine my surprise when I trek over to Forge Brew Works last night with a co-worker (it's seriously two streets over, how sweet is that?) and in the midst of a tasting an overheard conversation about the Cleveland Browns causes me to quip, "hey, at least you've got a Friday Night Flight to ease your misery."  I then…

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