BW: Strangeways Brewing – @StrangewaysRVA (Richmond, VA)

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"Exquisitely Peculiar." Words the guys and gals over at Strangeways Brewing use to describe their beer and their brewery. This place definitely has a vibe and a style all its own but I felt right at home when the first song I heard was "Wish You Were Here" by Pink Floyd and the first beer I had was a delicious 10.24% Eisbock. Strangeways is a little off the beaten path from where you would expect to find an up and coming brewery here in Richmond, but somewhere between noticing the boar head on the wall rocking a fez cap and…

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WH: The Wreck (Hatteras, NC)

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Now I know you're asking what the heck we're doing reviewing a bar down in Cape Hatteras, aka the bottom of OBX.  But since I'd never been down to that part of OBX and yet had heard from other DMV folks that there was a bar worth checking out, either there's a lot of sunstroke going around or there's something to that tip, as there's really not a whole lot going on in Hatteras Village proper.  The Wreck is small and not easily visible being on the back corner of a marina shopette, but once inside I realized I was…

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BR: Ways and Means, Port City Brewing Company – @PortCityBrew (Alexandria, VA)

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As a denizen of the National Capital Region - or, as the locals often call it, "the DMV" - it's impossible to resist a beer named after a political committee. Ways and Means arrived on the scene for the first time in April to some acclaim. Even the House Ways and Means Committee wanted a taste and got to try it in a special tasting. This Session IPA is brewed with rye and has a peppery finish. You'll find yourself comparing it to other IPAs and not quite matching it to anything you've had before. I first tasted it when…

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BR: Dam Lager, Sunken City Brewing Company – @SunkenCityBeer (Hardy, VA)

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Once you get past that point in your life where you're "satisfied" when the keg is full of PBR rather than Natty, Beast, or Keystone, one of the best things you can do is find another microbrewery that's full of promise.  Luckily for us Virginians, craft beer (and wine, if you're also into that) is becoming all the rage.  I've been trying to "drink local" for several years now, and honestly while I can proudly say that every single bottle of wine we purchase is from Virginia, that's been harder with beer.  There simply isn't the distribution from even one…

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BR: Dead Rise Old Bay Summer Ale, Flying Dog Brewery (Frederick, MD)

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Growing up on the Chesapeake Bay, there are a few things that really remind you of the area. At the top of that list are weekend crab boils with friends and family. And if you didn't bring the Costco-size container of Old Bay, you best turn around and go home. When I heard that McCormick and Flying Dog Brewery were teaming up for a spiced beer, I was very skeptical. But after fellow VBR editor Ben smuggled some down last weekend from Maryland, I found it brought back memories of those days on the docks. Dead Rise Old Bay Summer…

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BR: Catty Wompus, Devils Backbone Brewing Company – @dbbrewingco (Lexington, VA)

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After my first post I was told there was a theme to my top-rated beers.  So I prefer wits and hefeweizens, and happen to have a German heritage.  So sue me.  But we're on this site because we love beer, plain and simple, and at the end of the day all I care about is whether or not that first sip puts a smile on my face.  I personally think most IPAs are lazy because all you can taste are the hops, but good IPAs make good beers, just as with any other genre.  The one thing the best IPAs…

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BR: Enlightened Despot Bourbon Barrel Russian Imperial Stout, Lickinghole Creek Craft Brewery (Goochland, VA)

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For me, this beer is like taking two of your favorite things in life and combining them into one phenomenal experience. To give you an example, this beer is like watching UVA's basketball team beat Duke to win an ACC Championship....yep this beer is that damn good. The guys at Lickinghole Creek have taken an already delicious brew, a Russian Imperial Stout, and aged it for 100 days in Pappy Van Winkle 15 Year Family Reserve Bourbon barrels. For those of you who are not bourbon drinkers, it really falls into two categories...Pappy Van Winkle & everything else so needless…

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BR: Dry Stout, Wild Wolf Brewing Company (Nellysford, VA)

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Everyone knows nothing goes together better than a huge Italian meal and a dry stout, right? Okay, maybe not. But I got my first chance to try Wild Wolf's Dry Stout while waiting for dinner at Bella's in Charlottesville over the weekend. Considering the amount of pasta I eventually consumed it is a good thing the old adage "meal in a glass" often used to describe stouts does not apply to this brew. The relatively lighter taste and body of this stout give it a degree of drinkability that should keep it on your list of beers to try in the…

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BR: Chasers Pilsner, Lost Rhino Brewing Company – @LostRhino (Ashburn, VA)

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As the craft brew scene continues to explode, it's one of the best times to be a beer lover.  Gone are the days where every restaurant, bar, and tailgate featured little more than a choice between your "favorite" of the light macros (if we're keeping score, Coors Light, please!)  Around the DC metro area, the good watering holes embraced the idea of adding additional taps to feature rotating micro brews, and as capacity has increased, many of the favorite local brews have evolved into mainstays.  Which is how we found ourselves at Dogwood Tavern's rooftop bar in Falls Church this…

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Event: Mad Fox Brewing Company 2014 Spring Bock Festival – @MadFoxBrewing (Falls Church, VA)

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What better way to spend a sunny Spring Saturday than amidst hundreds of other beer lovers, with fresh kegs and the smell of brats on an open grill?  Sure, you can go cut the grass, lay down mulch, or clean out the attic, but I promise that the trip to Bed, Bath & Beyond can wait until a rainy Tuesday night.  If Benjamin Franklin was right, and beer is proof that God loves us and wants us to be happy, then the modern beer festival is a religious tradition unlike any other.  If your better half tries to hand you…

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