What Should We Expect from Virginia at the GABF?

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I'm a huge nerd. I don't try and hide it. While most people compare me to Landfill from Beerfest and Barney Gumble from The Simpsons, I'm more like Fink and Frink, respectively, just trapped in those other bodies. I cram my head with useless knowledge and trivia to the point where my friends ask me random questions all the time. It came in handy at school on Wednesday Trivia Nights at Mellow Mushroom, but not much else. One thing I do love is stats. I was mercilessly ragged on by my Government-major roommate as they…

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Is Virginia Ready For a ‘Beer Campus’?

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It was an awkward look on the young Enterprise Rent-A-Car lady's face. As she was going through her standard, boiler-plate questions, she asked where we were going. "Oh, just out seeing Central California." "Awesome. You guys big wine drinkers? Going to Sonoma and Napa?" "Actually, going past them to Santa Rosa and Petaluma. There are a couple breweries out there." Nine-thirty in the morning and it was already more than that poor girl could take. Who would drive 2.5 hours each way, PAST the two most sought after wine regions in…

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Trademarks and Beer: Why Can’t We Be Friends?

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Unlike by last blog, I don't get to work in Simpsons' quotes or anecdotes as much as I used to. There are very few moment's in my day that I don't reference something Homer says. In my college Natty Light days (we all had them), we used to have cups printed up that said "Alcohol: The cause of and solution to all of life's problems.", a direct quote from Homer in the Beer Baron episode. Even today, your vernacular contains the word 'meh', which can be directly attributed to early Simpsons' episode. Well finally, I get to do it again.…

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Shrinking Shelves: The Impact of Breweries Moving to Virginia

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I've probably mentioned it several times, but I am an Engineer by degree. And in the *ahem* 5 years it took at school, one of the things you are taught is the notion of parameters. Things can only be so high, by so wide, by so deep (my fellow nerds will refer to this as 'Q'). It is a given space that can not be changed. Virginia is about to see their limits of Q pushed by some outside factors. In an announcement that will come down later today, Stone Brewing Company will be coming to Richmond after a long courting…

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Virginia Beer Results at the Great American Beer Festival

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As I was pulling triple duty on Saturday, I was glued to my phone awaiting the results from the Great American Beer Festival while visiting a new brewery in Charlottesville before heading to a football game. But as I was scrolling through the results, I was really hoping to see a lot of Virginia Breweries take home some hardware. Several straight years of multiple breweries winning multiple medals should have paved the way for a solid showing again in 2014. Unfortunately, it was not the mother load we were hoping for. Yes, Virginia craft beer won 7 medals and a best brewery for…

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A Not-So-Quick Guide to Beer Festivals

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We had a great first weekend here at VaBR. But as we push into May, we are starting to see more and more outdoor beer festivals pop up. It can be a great time to catch up with some friends and try some beers you might not find around your area, but it can also turn south very quickly if you don't know what you are getting into. We would like to offer up a couple of not-so-quick points to make your experience a little bit better and hopefully avoid the likely 'aftermath' of a long next day. 1. Plan…

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