Yes, Virginia, We Have Market Saturation

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Yup, it's here.  With the news from the last 24 hours that Green Flash is liquidating its Virginia Beach production facility, there's no denying that the Virginia craft beer market has not only reached, but is now screaming past its tipping point.  The same may be true nationally, as Green Flash joins other giants such as Smuttynose that have fallen on hard times.  Peak saturation is here, and just as when the housing bubble burst a little over a decade ago, the signs have been around us for some time.  In reality, the warning signs appeared as early as 2016.…

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Cali Swag

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One of the perks of writing for this web site is that it allows me to get out and explore as much of The Commonwealth and their amazing breweries as possible. While the consensus is that the overall number of breweries is starting to flatten out after many years of exponential growth, the quality and different style of beer are still on the rise. This can be seen through the beer lists and awards in various style categories in the last 3 years. And while Virginia is one of 2 or 3 states on the East Coast making a name for…

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How to Elevate the “Biggest Small Beer Ever” Campaign

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Remember American Craft Beer Week?  I mean, did you see that massive Twitter campaign, the Facebook posts, all the beer and food porn on Instagram? Well, for someone who at least makes an attempt to dredge a few feeds and find some trends, I almost missed it.  For our topic of choice in this post, were it not for a fortuitous glance at precisely the right hour, I would have missed out on the chance to try the "Biggest Small Beer Ever" altogether.  As much as we rail against the macro conglomerates, including whether you think all their acquisitions is…

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Wagons East!

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You give an inch, they take a mile. As someone who is extremely pro-small business and pro-craft beer, the current expansion of the 'homegrown' Virginia Craft Beer industry has been both exciting and exponential. With such a small staff here at Virginia Brew Review, it is hard to not only get out to breweries that have been here for a while, but to all of the newer breweries that have popped up recently. For example, Virginia Brewing Company just opened their doors about 2 months ago and 3 more are planned for the Middle Peninsula area very soon. On the…

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Why the Devils Backbone Acquisition Was a Good Move

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It was staring us in the face all along.  Heck, it got me good, too.  See, a few weeks ago I spoke with Jason Oliver, the Brewmaster for Devils Backbone, and he spoke of upcoming employee events with a total nonchalance were anything in the works would have completely belied the gravity of those same "events."  Around now is when I was expecting to hear about the "Family Pack" and so it was with little surprise to see the "closed on April 12 for our Devils Backbone family company meeting."  What came out today took us all by surprise, though.…

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The Scarlet Letter

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Growth is a hard thing to understand sometimes. People encounter growth through numerous avenues, from physical to mental growth as you get older, to personal and business relationships later on in life. Unfortunately, there is a casualty to growth: you leave something behind. When you grow up physically, your old clothes don't fit. When you grow up mentally, your childhood teddy bear or blanket get left behind, or that dream of becoming a spaceman or racecar driver starts to fade. Even when you leave a serious relationship, there is someone with strong feelings on the other side trying to grasp…

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What is the “ideal” craft beer experience?

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A funny thing happened on the way to the brewery.  First, someone had poor bladder control and forced us to stop because they refused to use port-a-johns.  Next, another rider complained they were hungry, and we had to hit a drive thru as no food trucks were scheduled (and that was before the baby woke up screaming for a bottle, too).  Then we realized the dog had drunk too much water, and had to stop next to a tree on the side of the winding rural road.  Finally, right as we pull up to the barn housing this farm brewery,…

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What Should We Expect from Virginia at the GABF?

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I'm a huge nerd. I don't try and hide it. While most people compare me to Landfill from Beerfest and Barney Gumble from The Simpsons, I'm more like Fink and Frink, respectively, just trapped in those other bodies. I cram my head with useless knowledge and trivia to the point where my friends ask me random questions all the time. It came in handy at school on Wednesday Trivia Nights at Mellow Mushroom, but not much else. One thing I do love is stats. I was mercilessly ragged on by my Government-major roommate as they…

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Is Virginia Ready For a ‘Beer Campus’?

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It was an awkward look on the young Enterprise Rent-A-Car lady's face. As she was going through her standard, boiler-plate questions, she asked where we were going. "Oh, just out seeing Central California." "Awesome. You guys big wine drinkers? Going to Sonoma and Napa?" "Actually, going past them to Santa Rosa and Petaluma. There are a couple breweries out there." Nine-thirty in the morning and it was already more than that poor girl could take. Who would drive 2.5 hours each way, PAST the two most sought after wine regions in…

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Trademarks and Beer: Why Can’t We Be Friends?

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Unlike by last blog, I don't get to work in Simpsons' quotes or anecdotes as much as I used to. There are very few moment's in my day that I don't reference something Homer says. In my college Natty Light days (we all had them), we used to have cups printed up that said "Alcohol: The cause of and solution to all of life's problems.", a direct quote from Homer in the Beer Baron episode. Even today, your vernacular contains the word 'meh', which can be directly attributed to early Simpsons' episode. Well finally, I get to do it again.…

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