Tailgate Throwdown: Aged in Oak, UL vs. UVa, 9/13/14 – @CampWahoo

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Louisville.  Kentucky.  Beer.  Those are three words you typically don't see all together.  Kentucky is known for quite a different breed of alcohol, best summed up in two different words:  Oak.  Bourbon.  See how quickly I hit on that trend at the higher end of scene right now?  Oak barrel-aged brews are typically much earthier and complex, so despite a bevy of 22 oz. bombers on the shelves you really can't throw these back at a tailgate...nor all by their lonesome.  Given those thoughts as well as the abbreviated nature of the Louisville tailgate, I thought a much different approach…

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Virginia at the Great American Beer Festival

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Today marks the official beginning of one of the greatest happenings in all of craft beer here in the United States. Every year, nearly 50,000 people head to Denver and go to the massive party that is the Great American Beer Festival. Tickets last mere minutes and over 700 breweries bring their best suds to not only show off their skills, but try to walk away with some hardware. This year there are 84 categories (seriously?) and the overall best breweries by size. In 2013, Devil's Backbone walked away with the best Small Brewing Company of the Year and 6 individual…

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Tailgate Throwdown: Richmond Roundup, UR vs. UVa, 9/6/14 – @CampWahoo

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For our second attempt at the Tailgate Throwdown, we had a much easier opponent to plan for - Richmond!  Given the number of breweries in and around the state capitol, we decided to open the competition to any and all comers from the Richmond metro area (ultimately allowing nearby Short Pump in following a very heated debate).  A tad unfocused?  Sure.  But it's a tailgate, so them's the rules! Tailgate Throwdown:  Richmond Roundup Game:  University of Richmond vs. UVa, September 6, 2014 Featured Beers:  Legend Lager, Hardywood Cream Ale, Hardywood Singel, Hardywood Capital Trail Pale Ale, Strangeways Delightfully Immoral Grisette,…

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Tailgate Throwdown: California Common Lagers, UCLA vs. UVa, 8/30/14 – @CampWahoo

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Heading into this college football season, we decided to be cheeky and have a theme on top of a theme for our UVa tailgate.  Why UVa?  Because we all graduated from there, and we're absolute sadists when it comes to sports.  For a number of years we've been frequenting Camp Wahoo (@CampWahoo), a stone's throw from UVa's stadium with a good mixture of locals and alumni.  The first idea was to have tastings of a variety of Virginia beers, review the new ones, and maybe pick a winner.  Been there, patented that cliché...boring.  The fresh idea was to not only…

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Virginia Craft Beer In A Can

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It used to be a taboo subject to talk about beer in anything but kegs or bottles. The beer elitists would look down your nose at you for even considering putting beer in cans, just like wine snobs would frown upon neoprene corks or twist tops. But if you look at your local market these days and more and more breweries have offer their product in cans. It's a smart move as cans can go places that bottles can't like some beaches and parks and are easier to transport than bottles. If you look around The Commonwealth, you will find…

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Welcome to Virginia Brew Review!

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Slainte! Thank you for checking out the Virginia Brew Review. This will be a new site for beer lovers from Virginia sharing our opinions on beers, breweries, and great places to find them. Although we will be talking a lot about beer from The Commonwealth, we will also review beers from all over the east coast, US, and anywhere else that we find beer done right. You can follow us on Twitter at @vabrewreview until we get the site up and running. Thanks for looking us up and we'll talk to you soon.

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