2017 DC Beer Week: Aslin Tap Takeover at Mad Fox Taproom (Washington, DC)

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Let's be honest, after the beer-infused bacchanalia that was the 2017 VA Craft Brewers Fest, our attention wasn't necessarily on DC Beer Week (DCBW).  The good folks at DC Beer really do a good job of both scheduling and integrating a ton of different regional and national brewers into a slew of events around the area, though, and in the past we've attended everything from Brewers Bashes to Scavenger Hunts to random takeovers that somehow coincided with the general festivities.  Even though it's "DC" Beer Week, what's clear is that they really mean "DMV" Beer Week - DMV to us…

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2017 Virginia Craft Brewers Fest Awards (Broken Lizard Edition)

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The most recent version of the Virginia Craft Brewers Fest (VCBF) moved from its previous confines at Devils Backbone Basecamp to Ix Art Park in downtown Charlottesville, also the site for gracious host Three Notch'd Brewing's new taproom/crazy basement out of a grindhouse flick.  It was a tightly knit affair, with vendors and special booths spread throughout a winding series of lots.  You could listen to guest speakers talk about the brewing culture and industry, jam out to country and bluegrass, or try (and fail miserably) to make your way to each of the 100 or so brewers in park. …

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Live Beer Blogging from #BBC17

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While every year at the Beer Bloggers & Writers Conference, there are a ton of fun events. The highlight from our writing stand point is the Live Beer Blogging. 10 beers (samples) in 60 minutes and we pick a winner. What you are reading right now is as close to 'live' as possible: raw and unedited. We are definitely not worthy to have all these great beers, but only one can be the champion. Here was the field and the winner at the bottom: D14 Brewery & Pub, Milwaukee, Wisconsin B: Barrel Aged Pomegranate Sour R: Chard barrel smooths out…

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VBR invades Milwaukee for #BBC17

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This is one of my favorite articles every year. Don't get me wrong, I love all my kids equally, but when I get to put fingers to keyboard for this one, I genuinely get excited. Why? Because it means that the annual Beer Bloggers & Writers Conference is right around the corner. And as we are only a mere week away from the festivities, I am already getting pumped. This year, we travel to Milwaukee, which is Algonquin for "the good land." It also marks our 3rd appearance at the conference, which started back in 2010. VBR has been to…

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Recap: 2017 NoVA Summer Brewfest

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To say that my wife put on her happy face while accompanying me to a beer festival our first weekend back home would be a bold-faced lie.  But she came with the kids, who were fairly happy and well-behaved.  Between that, good weather, good beer, and a good food lineup, what more could you want?  The NoVA Brewfest, long sponsored by Mad Fox, is an event we've missed for one reason or another the past few years.  There have been basement floods and cross-country drives, but this year I was determined to make it.  With the family in tow and…

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Banner Year for Virginia Breweries at the GABF

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You can slice it up any way, shape, or form, but there is no denying that the Commonwealth of Virginia had an excellent showing at the Great American Beer Festival. Virginia won 14 different medals in 13 categories, 4 Gold, 7 Silver, and 3 Bronze. The 14 total medals ties the all-time medal count from 2013, when Virginia also won 14 medals (4 Gold, 6 Silver, 4 Bronze). A total of 200 beers were entered from the Commonwealth and the 7% win rate is the 3rd highest among all states, only bested by Wyoming and Hawaii, who each entered less than…

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The GABF, Virginia, and YOU!

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  Another Great American Beer Festival is upon us, and it is that time of year where we talk hardware. The awards that are presented this weekend go a long way for both the industry at large and the individual craft breweries. Receiving a medal from the Denver, Colorado event is special and doesn't get thrown around lightly, which is why it stands today as a great measure of success. But what are we to expect from the Virginia contingency? Here is our short breakdown. What is the GABF? If you don't know by now, today starts the Great American…

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2016 Virginia Craft Brewers Festival: VBR Awards-Christopher Guest Edition

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Another year, another successful trip to the mountains for the Virginia Craft Brewers Festival. While this will be a bittersweet ending to our trip out to Devil's Backbone, it has seemed that the festival is becoming more than the venue itself, and vice versa. So while we are looking forward to what the future has in store next year, we look back onto what was a crazy Saturday in August. While the official list of winners were presented to the breweries last week, we are here to offer our own awards for the best of what we found was great…

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Virginia Craft Brewers Award Winners

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Moved up a few days, the Virginia Craft Brewers Guild gave out the Commonwealth's biggest hardware of the year, and for a 2nd straight year, a first time overall champion is crowned. James River Brewing Company, who won a gold for their Fluvanna Fluss Hefeweizen last year, broke through and won First Place Best of Show with their River Runner ESB. The overall Second Place Best In Show went to Old Bust Head for their Oktoberfest, and Backroom Brewery won Third Place Best In Show with their Lemon Basil Wheat Beer. Here is the complete list of winners and we can't wait to…

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Virginia Craft Brewers Fest 2016 Preview: The Last Waltz in Roseland

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The end of summer means the beginning of one of the most important beer festivals in the Commonwealth. A chance for craft brewers and breweries to get together and celebrate their best for a chance to take home some hardware. Of course we are talking about the Virginia Craft Brewers Fest which will be kicking off later this week, with the public festival on Saturday, August 20th. There are 80+ breweries confirmed for this weekend, large and small, young and old. Combine this with all day music, games, and a legit VIP area and it is going to be a…

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