BW: Three Notch’d Brewing Co. (Charlottesville, VA)

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"Leave Your Mark" It is amazing how you drive by places over, and over, and over again, but never realize the vast potential of something. For a better part of a decade, I lived in Charlottesville in one capacity or another: weekend sports traveler with my family, to student, to weekly visitor, and now to sports traveler with my new family. I had always zigged and zagged by the corner of Preston, Grady, and 10th Street, partly because it wasn't vastly populated with anything that I particularly needed, and partly because it is such a cluster of disaster that just…

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BW: Blue Lab Brewing Company – @BlueLabBrewing (Lexington, VA)

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After a long Friday night of cigars, bourbon, and politics I decided a pit stop was a necessity during a long car ride back from Roanoke. Having no knowledge of the craft beer scene in the small towns off 81 North I searched google for "Lexington Breweries" and stumbled upon Blue Lab Brewing Company. Located a couple blocks off Main Street and across the street from a horse carriage shop I was concerned while standing outside that I was about to walk into someone's living room (see the photo below and you will understand). However, once we walked in my friends…

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BW: Strangeways Brewing – @StrangewaysRVA (Richmond, VA)

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"Exquisitely Peculiar." Words the guys and gals over at Strangeways Brewing use to describe their beer and their brewery. This place definitely has a vibe and a style all its own but I felt right at home when the first song I heard was "Wish You Were Here" by Pink Floyd and the first beer I had was a delicious 10.24% Eisbock. Strangeways is a little off the beaten path from where you would expect to find an up and coming brewery here in Richmond, but somewhere between noticing the boar head on the wall rocking a fez cap and…

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BW: Port City Brewing Company – @PortCityBrew (Alexandria, VA)

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When the pineapple's on the sign, you know they're open! Port City Brewing Company takes their name from Alexandria's history as a colonial seaport and their use of the pineapple stems from a colonial tradition as well. Opened just over 3 years ago, Port City was one of the first in a now-large group of D.C.-area breweries. Their beer is among the best in the region and can be found throughout the mid-Atlantic. While their flagship beers are quite excellent, Port City's seasonal and limited releases add character to the selection. Peruse their chalkboard lineup of what's on tap and…

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