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BR: Dark Hollow Artisanal Ale, Blue Mountain Brewery (Afton, VA)

  4 years ago     1200 Views     1 Comment  

Stouts have always been something for me that require the right mood and mindset to be enjoyed. I had a Dark Hollow once before and did not remember much about it, but decided to give it another try on a rainy, cool night in Richmond. Turns out this beer was a perfect compliment, in name and in taste, for the mood mother nature had set even in late April. The brewers at Blue Mountain have really crafted something special with this blend of a stout's traditional smoothness intertwined in a bite you would expect to find in a neat glass poured from…

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BR: Alter Ego Saison, Smartmouth Brewing Company (Norfolk, VA)

  4 years ago     1912 Views     1 Comment  

Everyone has their 'go-tos', from favorite shirts and hats to late night orders at Taco Bell. It usually is a product of establishing a comfort zone, having something to fall back on whilst exploring other opportunities. When I first came across this Alter Ego Saison, I thought it was a decent choice, but nothing over the top. But as I keep coming back to it, it has grown on me as just a impeccable example in Farmhouse Ale 101. Alter Ego Saison, Smarthmouth Brewing Company (Norfolk, VA) Farmhouse Ale/Saison, ABV: 5.3% Presentation: Tap pour into chalice. Appearance: Orange to sunset,…

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BR: Missile IPA, Champion Brewing Company (Charlottesville, VA)

  4 years ago     2075 Views     1 Comment  

It seems nowadays every craft brewery has to have at least 4 IPAs on tap just to be taken seriously. Because of this, the market is just saturated with India Pale Ales that it (1) makes it hard for new breweries to get on local taps and (2) a lot of tap real estate is being used to carry IPAs that other, maybe better, variety of beers are getting knocked out. But when I came across the Missile IPA from Champion Brewing Company in a restaurant in Newport News, and the only IPA on tap, something had to be special…

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BR: Full Nelson Pale Ale, Blue Mountain Brewery (Afton, VA)

  4 years ago     1318 Views     1 Comment  

Anxious to get my first-ever beer review under my belt, I ventured all the way to my basement kegerator for a glass of Blue Mountain Brewery's (Afton, VA) signature brews.  They style their Full Nelson Pale Ale as a "Virginia Pale Ale" but it's listed elsewhere as a simple American Pale Ale. No matter the category, Full Nelson is a tasty pale ale you can find throughout the Commonwealth in both draught and bottle form. Full Nelson Pale Ale, Blue Mountain Brewery (Afton, VA) Virginia Pale Ale, ABV: 5.9%, 60 IBUs Presentation: Tap pour into pint glass. Appearance: Dark orange, clear with…

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BR: Springhouse Ale, AleWerks Brewing Company (Williamsburg, VA)

  4 years ago     1215 Views     1 Comment  

With spring (finally) coming to Virginia, we are going to use our first post to talk about a real gem in Williamsburg, Va's AleWerks Brewing Company arsenal. The Springhouse Ale release a short while ago was a pleasant surprise as I found myself in Williamsburg recently. And while it might not have been the hands down best saison out right now, it's the Colonial Williamsburg's brewers slight twist that makes is a must have when traversing DoG street. Springhouse Ale, Alewerks Brewing Company (Williamsburg, VA) Farmhouse Ale/Saison, ABV: 8.0% Presentation: Tap pour into tulip glass. Appearance: Golden to orange color,…

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